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July 28 1893/1993

Thompson - Uncle Robert Gellatt, one of our early pioneers, 82 years of age, swung a scythe in heavy grass, six hours on one of the hottest days last week.

Lathrop - It is said a half dozen glass blowers from the Electric City are camping on the island at Lakeside.

Susquehanna - Frank Bryan, manufacturer of cigars, whose place of business is on Main Street, was drugged and robbed some time Sunday night. The thief took Bryan’s vest, gold watch valued at fifty dollars and about eighty dollars in cash, leaving behind his pants, which contained fifteen dollars. AND Our baseball club was knocked silly by the Deposits last Saturday AND A young gentleman bicyclist of this place met with a rather ticklish experience one day recently. He had been taking a trip to Windsor and was pedaling his way home peacefully, when he overtook a heard of cows which were sauntering leisurely toward the milking-yard, accompanied by the father of the flock, a burley, “sassy,” impudent looking “critter” who boasted a pair of short horns long enough to succeed in sending a man sky high in a mere second. As the rider advanced the heard he slackened speed a little, and after some comical twists and turns, he passed through the hairy group without much trouble. In a few seconds, however, he was discovered by the gentleman cow who with a “woosh” and a bellow, started in quick pursuit after the “bike” and its rider. How the dust flew and even nature held its breath, wondering which would give up first in the race the bull or the “bike”. After a run of a mile the bull gave up, and the rider, who felt rather weak in the knees soon dismounted for a rest, before pursuing his journey further.

West Auburn - The farmers of this vicinity are very busy engaged in haying.

Lanesboro - On Monday afternoon as Conductor Jones’ coal train was approaching Lanesboro, a child was seen on the track. The conductor, as the train neared the little girl, succeeded in pushing her from off the track, thus saving her from a horrible death. The girl rolled down a ten-foot embankment and was not severely hurt. Her name is Lena LaBell and she is four years old.

Lawsville - While Mrs. Russell Luce was cutting up a beef’s heart, for culinary purposes, her knife struck some hard substance which upon examination proved to be a shawl pin, between two and three inches long, embedded in the meat. Now the question is how did that pin get there. Any one can see the pin by calling at Mr. Luce’s.

Great Bend - A wild cat was recently shot at Deep Hollow, Great Bend Township, which weighed eighteen pounds.

Forest City - Wm. Cotter, who attempted to kill his brother at Forest City last week, was fined $7 for disorderly conduct and released. No one appeared against him.

Hallstead - the store of Michael Hays was broken into last Wednesday night, and eighteen pairs of fine shoes taken. Someone is preparing for winter.

Harford - A stalk of the new clover “Alfalfa,” in A.A. Allen’s oats, measured 16 inches. Considerable attention is being paid to the new grass. Whether it is desirable to seed it with oats is to be yet determined.

Susquehanna County - For the information of the young readers of your valuable paper I would state that July was named after Julius Cesaer; and as he was a big man, he must have as many days in his month as any other. AND The world’s Fair gates were tightly closed on Sunday last, and now everyone is happy.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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