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July 21 1899/1999

Forest City - Editor Gelder, of the Forest City News, is hereafter to be addressed as Judge, or Squire Gelder, he having been appointed by the Governor a Justice of the Peace to fill the place of M. J. Collins, who recently removed--to New Jersey.

Montrose - If you wish to help swell the fund for building the new Catholic parochial residence, attend the picnic, August 9th, on the Fair Ground and at the Armory, in the evening, a musical program. AND - At 1 o'clock last Saturday, there was not a team (nor single horse) hitched in the streets of Montrose a very rare occurrence, but the farmers were all too busy haying to be in town. Fifteen minutes later, Caleb Bush, Jr., drove in, hitched near the Globe store and reported that he had finished haying. A little later some others came, but it was an exceedingly quiet day in town.

Friendsville - On Saturday last, Miss Mary C. Byrne, a former Susquehanna county teacher and frequent contributor to the Republican, took the solemn pledges, the habit of religion, and white veil of the Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the ceremony occurring in the chapel of St. Rose's Convent in Carbondale. Rt. Rev. Bishop Hoban of Scranton officiated. Miss Byrne will be known in religion as Sister Mary Rozine. The home of her parents borders on Carmalt Lake. Mrs. P. O'Reilly and son of St. Joseph's, and D. P. Byrne of Friendsville, attended the ceremonies.

Hallstead - The Hallstead School Board elected teachers last Saturday evening. The following were chosen--Prof. B.W. Pease, Principal; Misses Grace Harding, Ellen Burns, Lillian Church, Ida Tuttle and Messrs. Fred Moore and John O'Neill.

East Lenox - Sunday, July 23rd, is the regular day for preaching services at the school house. Come and hear our new minister.

Brooklyn - The prize speaking contest on Friday evening of last week was a very pleasing entertainment. Miss Ethel Sterling won the ladies' prize and Wade Barnes won the gentleman's prize.

Auburn - The young people on this line would be very much pleased if those young people of Elk Lake, who are in the habit of taking midnight rides and stopping at each house and disturbing others, learn that no gentleman or lady would ever indulge in that kind of business. Should this be repeated, the names will be given.

Hopbottom - The Ladies Aid of the Universalist church will hold an apron sale and ice cream festival on Friday 28th, in Tingley's hall.

South Montrose - Chas Goodwin had all his pork stolen from his cellar recently.

South Gibson - The W.R.C. will serve ice cream in G.A.R. hall Saturday evening, July 22. All members are expected to bring ice cream or cake. Come everybody and get a big dish of ice cream for ten cents.

Forest Lake - E. J. Noble received serious injuries by falling through a hay loft, a distance of 15 feet, rendering him unconscious. He is recovering.

Susquehanna - On July 26 Pawnee Bill's Exposition of Frontier Life will be in Susquehanna. The show comprising a genuine Wild West Indian Village, Indian Museum, Hippodrome, Mexican Bull Fight, and Exposition of Trained Animals, headed by the famed guide, scout, U.S. interpreter and Oklahoma hero, Major G. Wm. Lillie (Pawnee Bill) with his own company. Genuine and true--it is no imitation. His Indians are Indians, his Mexicans are Mexicans, his cowboys are cowboys, his vaqueros are vaqueros. Also Miss May Lillie, the 19th century, Diana, the champion girl horseback rifle shot of the world. A band of Australian Bushmen, famous Black Trackers and Boomerang Throwers plus a troupe of famous Japanese Lancers and much more. Admission reduced to 25 cents.

New Milford - Viola, aged seven, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Watson Granger, was the victim of a distressing accident Wednesday evening. About half-past seven o'clock she and two other little girls were crossing the road in front of Bert Turner's house on the Montrose road, just above the Phinney crossing, when Allie Tuner came down the road on his bicycle at a furious pace. He struck the child with the wheel and the force threw him to the ground and rendered the child unconscious. Dr. Snyder attended her and by Thursday morning she was resting easy. Bicycle riders who have been in the habit of speeding down this particular hill should take this as a lesson that it is always dangerous, not only simply to themselves, but to everyone who has business requiring them to pass over the road.

Rush - Edward S. Perigo, of Ellis Co., Kansas, accompanied by his wife, has been visiting his brother, Albert, in this place, and his brother, sister, and other relatives at Rush, the home of his boyhood. Mr. Perigo left Rush many years ago and for a time lived at Corbettsville. He went west 21 years ago and took up a claim under the Homestead law. For a time it was a hard struggle for existence, but by perseverance he managed to at least succeed; he secured a position on a railroad and was employed by the Company for 17 years, when he quit railroading to embark in the mercantile trade in Ellis, where in company with his son he conducts a hardware store and does a flourishing business. This is Mr. Perigo first visit home since he went west in 1878.

Fairdale - The members of the Fair Hill Church will hold an ice cream festival July 25th, on the lawn of Mr. George Lewis. The Birchardville band is expected to be present. All are invited to attend.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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