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July 18, 1890/1990

Montrose - Ten fresh-air children returned to Brooklyn, New York, Wednesday morning and eight more are expected next Monday from New

Herrick Centre- The depot on the OC&S RR at this point is rapidly nearing completion. The station will be called Pleasant Mount and Thomas McAvoy is to be station agent.

Heart Lake- H. Griffing has launched a fine new St. Lawrence boat for the use of his patrons at the lake.

Lanesboro - The steamboat of J.O. Taylor is in running order and will be let to parties upon application by the hour or day or weekdays only. Ice cream and soft drinks will be sold by the undersigned to parties desiring the same. J.O. Taylor

Susquehanna - Any person throwing any vegetable or animal matter upon or adjacent to any of the streets of the borough is liable to a fine of $5 with costs of suit for each offense. This ordinance will be strictly enforced and merchants and offices who have been in the habit of dumping refuse matter in different places within the borough limits will do well to take notice. B.F. Pride, Burgess.

Montrose and Choconut - The Smith and Dovin families journeyed to Lewes, Delaware on Sunday. Miss Albert accompanied them. The girls are attending camp.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: It is funny contrast that while the fashionable young men are wearing sashes around their waists like the ladies, the fashionable girls are wearing sailor hats, stiff bosomed shirts, standing collars and four-in-hand ties like the men.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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