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July 17 1891/1991

Rush - A flock of turkey buzzards visited this vicinity a few days ago. Mr. Marshall Linaberry's son shot one out of curiosity to know what they were; and then did not know until he found parties who were acquainted with them further south, where they are common. They are useful as scavengers, but they are ugly birds. This one measured six feet from tip-to-tip of wings.

Lynn - S.D. Thomas keeps constantly on hand, for sale at his farm near Springville, the Deering Mowing Machine. They are the best on the market. Call and see it work, or he will allow you to take one home to test thoroughly. Before purchasing, call on or address S.D. Thomas, Springville, Pa.

Gibson - A century has passed since Captain Joseph Potter chopped the first clearing in the town of Gibson, he having been a Revolutionary soldier.

Forest Lake - A strawberry festival and picnic, held in the grove, on the east side of the lake, July 4th, was well attended and passed off very pleasantly. One hundred and seventeen partook of the goodies and refreshments, and all seemed happy. While the boats were kept in constant use, the rest of the company enjoyed swinging in hammocks, etc.

Clifford - The 4th passed off pleasant enough, with one exception; a large cast iron block was being used in place of a cannon, which at last, burst one piece weighing 55 pounds crashing through one of the large windows in the store of T.J. Wells, smashing a showcase and making things quite lively.

Herrick Centre - Jonah Walker, of Ararat, met with a serious accident on Tuesday. While getting from one track to another to avoid a train, he was struck by an engine on the other. He was run over and bruised and one of his hands was mangled and nearly torn off. The operation of amputation of the arm above the wrist was performed by Surgeon A.L. Craft, assisted by Dr. Blakeslee and son of Forest City. The other wounds were properly dressed. He is doing well at present.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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