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July 14 1893/1993

Franklin Forks - A.E. Stockholm returned from Gettysburg on July 4th; had been down to the dedication of the York State monuments, he having served in a York State regiment.

Lathrop - The strawberry and ice cream festival, held at Frank Lord’s for the benefit of the Maple Grove S.S. organ fund, was not very largely attended, owing to idle tongues circulating the report that there would be dancing. It would seem if people attended the affairs of their own neighborhood they would have their hands full without assisting another. Maple Grove S.S. is a new school organized this spring, and they are now trying to raise money enough to purchase an organ, some have responded nobly, while a few will not have anything to do with it and would like to keep others from it.

Ararat - The twenty-fourth wedding anniversary of Norman Stone and wife was celebrated at their home June 28, by a large company of relatives and neighbors about seventy-five being present. Dinner was served after which all adjourned to the lawn and listened to singing by Rev. A.C. Oliver and wife and A.H. Crosier and wife. Some remarks were made by Rev. A.C. Oliver, and two elegant upholstered chairs presented to Mr. And Mrs. Stone, after which all joined in singing “God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again.” Mr. And Mrs. Stone came on the farm they now live on when it was all a wilderness, and it is now one of the best farms and buildings in Ararat. AND There is a rumor that coal has been discovered near Ararat on the Jefferson Branch.

Lanesboro - John Gates, of Lanesboro, lost two of his fingers on the 4th, by the bursting of a gun. ANDHon. Galusha A. Grow will be the orator of the day at the Seven-County Soldiers’ reunion, to be held in Lanesboro July 26-28.

Montrose - One of our prominent carpenters informs us that several property owners in this borough have had the State and shingle roofs taken off their house and steel roofing put on instead. The steel roofing is more durable than any other known. AND Don’t forget the Columbian Lawn Festival at the residence of Jas. P. Taylor, Wednesday evening, July 19. Candy, ice cream and cake, will be for sale. Among the attractions of the evening will be a fine entertainment, in which Miss Aker and Miss Dewie, two very fine vocal soloists, and Miss Anderson, the well-known pianist, will take part. Ferdinand, Isabella and Columbus will appear in full costume.

Herrick Centre - Most of our young people spent the 4th at Carbondale and Binghamton.

Susquehanna - The Susquehanna Maennerchor will hold a hop on Wednesday evening, July 19.

New Milford - Jennie Fagan and Hulda Eastman, of New Milford, while picking strawberries for J.A. McConnell, the other day, accomplished the remarkable feat of picking 150 quarts each for a day’s work.

Susquehanna County - Doctors are now advancing the theory that dyspepsia [indigestion] is an ailment of the head rather than the stomach. AND The latest in summerhouse furnishing is glass curtains, formed of tiny bits of colored glass hooked together. AND Judge not. The man who thinks what a happy world this would be with the fools eliminated is often, in the eyes of those who know him best, the biggest fool of them all [Birchard’s Susquehanna Transcript]. AND Pennsylvania has more timber than all the North-Atlantic states put together, seven times so much as New York and one-half more than Maine, and more than any of the western states short of those on the Pacific coast.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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