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July 10 1896/1996

Forest City- Dr. Taylor narrowly escaped being burned out recently. The sun's rays shone through drug store windows and were concentrated on some combustible matter and started a fire. The doctor opened his door just in time to prevent a conflagration.

South Gibson - A tragedy occurred at the Table Rock House in Skinner's Eddy, Friday evening of last week, which resulted in the death of Benj. Carter, a resident of South Auburn, and the incarceration in the Wyoming county jail on a charge of murder, of Ferdinand Champluvier, or, as he was nicknamed, "Jumbo, the Frenchman." The deceased was 21 years of age and is survived by his parents and several sisters and brothers. Champluvier was a quarryman in the stone quarries at Tuscarora Creek and has a wife and two children. Carter had gone to the village the previous evening on business for his father. While in the hotel he and the Frenchman became engaged in a dispute, which finally grew so warm as to lead Champluvier to strike Carter with four terrible blows from a knife.

Dimock - Stealing is the order of the day. Look out for your clothes lines around Dimock, especially on the East Side. That shirt wants to be returned or it will cost the party more than one shirt. The party is known and traced. Chicken coops are next on the sod to keep an eye on.

Brooklyn - Another member of old Co. D., 50th P.V., has answered the last roll call. Henry Rogers, of Kansas, formerly of Brooklyn, died at his home in the west on July 1st.

Hickory Grove - Dr. F.L. Brush, who has been spending some time with his parents at Hickory Grove, left Monday for New York, where he will practice eighteen months in the Post Graduate Hospital.

Montrose - A.B. Burns, of the Eagle Drug Store, has just placed in from of his store a mammoth thermometer that can be consulted with confidence, as it is claimed by the manufacturer to be as accurate as is possible to construct such an instrument. It is four feet in length and the mounting is nine inches wide. It is for the benefit of the public, go and consult it whenever you wish.

Franklin Forks - Misses Winnie Knapp and Grace Tingley from Binghamton spent the Ever Glorious with Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Knapp of this place. Several of our young people went to Montrose to celebrate, and the small boys and girls made things lively here at "The Forks" with fire crackers, torpedoes, etc. A pleasant, quid day is reported by all.

Herrick Centre - Sidney Penny has received a pension from the government and has gone into the horse business.

South Gibson - Harry Reynolds, who recently graduated from the Philadelphia school of dentistry has an office over B.D. Reynold's store. Mr. Reynolds has made several sets of teeth for residents here that give good satisfaction. Persons desiring work in his time will do well to give him a call. AND Brand new boys have arrived at Eugene Felton's and Jerry Bennett's, also a ten pound boy at Lon Darrow's on the 4th of July. Charley Lewis is happy over the arrival of a third girl.

Lindaville - The patriotic citizens of this place raised the old Mack Corners flag in honor of the 4th.

Heart Lake - One of die most enjoyable outing trips, convenient to town, which is growing in popular favor, is Heart Lake, where a cozy hotel is found under the management of a veteran, U.E. Crofut, whose experience covers a period of half a century among the towns adjacent to the DL&W Railroad. The table is substantially provided, the rooms are large and airy with excellent beds. Nothing in the nature of intoxicants can be obtained. Excellent bathing, fishing and boating is provided without extra charge.

Dundaff - Our accommodating butcher, E. Ridgeway, is on his regular rounds with cuts of the choicest meats, good fellow, well liked.

Auburn - Yes, we went up to witness that balloon ascension in Montrose and the best part of it was to see the Professor embrace his best girl and give the parting kiss.

Susquehanna - Burglars on Saturday morning at 3 o'clock, entered the "New York Clothing Store, on Main Street, and carried off clothing valued at $100. Of the goods a bundle of colored shirts was found near the river. There is no clue to the thieves.

Susquehanna County- Marriage Licenses Issued: Frank Felton and Rhoda M. Belcher, both of Gibson, and Byron T. Cameron, of Lenox, and Mrs. Mary Reynolds, of Harford.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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