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July 07 1911/2011

Forest Lake - The general store of Hubert Everett was struck by lightning during the severe thunder storm and the building and contents burned. The Everett's make their home in the same building, Mrs. Everett being in the house when the lightning struck. The bolt passed downward into the rear of the store, among several oil barrels, and before she could get out of the building the structure was in flames. Ray Everett, a son of the proprietor, was in the barn when the bolt struck, the shock being sufficient to fell him to his knees. Mr. Everett was in Montrose yesterday afternoon and was informed of his loss over the telephone. Neighbors managed to save some furniture, carpets and some other household goods.

Lenox - An old folks' concert will be held at the West Lenox Baptist church Tuesday evening, July 11. Admission ten cents. After the concert the ladies will serve ice cream and cake on the church lawn.

Fairdale - The longest game [Fairdale vs. Montrose] of the year was played last Saturday and for seven innings it looked as if Fairdale had put it on ice, but with one down Lake drove for two sacks and scored on Avery's drive which Olmstead failed to handle. Ash sent the ball for a ride over the fence in the 8th which tied the score. In the 11th Montrose scored again. In justice to the Fairdale players and all lovers of our National game, it is but fair to state that had the umpire been able to see balls and strikes quite correctly, the game would have been won by Fairdale in the regular number of innings.

Lymanville - Thomas Wilcox Lyman, born at Lymanville, Jan. 29, 1845, a son of John and Sarah Lyman, died at h is home in Hooper, Nebraska, July 3rd. Mr. Lyman was known to many in Susquehanna county, being a brother of Justice J. O. Lyman, M. B. Lyman and Mrs. Abigail Marryott, of Lynn. A wife and one son, Charles, of Dallas, Texas, and one daughter, Mrs. W. Howard Heine, of Hooper, survive. Mr. Lyman was educated at Wyoming Seminary and after the [Civil] war [he served in Co. D., 35th Regiment, PA Militia and Co. E, 9th Cavalry] went to Omaha, later to Fremont, Neb., and then to Hooper, where he engaged in banking and, until a year or two ago, was president of the Dodge County Bank.

South Gibson - Ed Morgan, of Uniondale, has purchased the mail route of Sands Tripp, running between here and Uniondale.

New Milford - Claude Hardy, son of D. N. Hardy, graduated from Wesleyan University last week. Mr. Hardy expects to teach at Wellesley Hills, Mass., where Braton Gardner, son of Dr. E. R. Gardner, is a student.

Brooklyn - The condition of Ami Ely, who suffered a slight shock at about noon on Sunday, is very encouraging. Mr. Ely was born and always resided in Brooklyn, being one of her most active business men, having operated a feed and saw mill on Meshoppen Creek, at West Brooklyn, and later a general store in the village. His wife died about 11 years ago, soon after which he retired from active business. He was postmaster during Cleveland's administration and gave good satisfaction. He is nearly 89 years old. ALSO Mrs. Munson Force presented her husband with two 7½ lb. boys last week. Munson thinks he will call them Teddy and Taft. Mother and sons are doing well.

Hop Bottom - The drama, "The Old Dairy Homestead," last Friday evening, was a successful affair, socially and financially. ALSO Dr. A. J. Taylor, L. A. Lewis and Chris Tiffany are the owners of fine new automobiles.

East Rush - H. W. Wheaton is visiting his son, Merton, at Rockville, NY, making the trip by carriage. Notwithstanding Mr. Wheaton's years, he made the journey of over 100 miles in less than 2 days, starting Wednesday and arriving at his destination early Friday.

Highlands, New Milford Twp. - On June 22, Mrs. Roy Kilbourn and daughter, Mrs. U. G. Brush, were guests of Misses Minnie and Nellie Banker at East Franklin. When going home, up the Summersville hill, Mrs. Kilbourn killed a rattlesnake with nine rattles.

Howard Hill, Liberty Twp. - R. O. Borne, of Lawsville, visited his mother in this place Saturday. He had the misfortune to fall a distance of 24 ft., while at the raising of Maurice Hannigan's barn, one day last week. A plank broke on the scaffold letting him fall to the ground, bruising him quite badly, but fortunately no bones were broken.

Pleasant Valley, Auburn Twp. - During the electric storm Tuesday, lightning struck two trees and a clothes line post back of Sam Renel's [Reimel's] house and knocked Lemuel Sanderson and two horses down, but otherwise no injury was done.

Heart Lake - Mrs. Fannie Griffing, widow of Harvey, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ferris E. Bennett, Bridgewater, June 29. Many years ago two brothers, Joel and Harvey Griffing, married sisters, Jane and Fanny Gardner, daughters of Latham, and settled at the present homesteads here, but in those early days the solitude was only broken by the occasional farmer-fisherman. Of these family heads only Mrs. Joel Griffing survives.

Friendsville - J. E. Carmalt and family, of Washington, are here for the summer again, same as last year, occupying the Camp house. "James Edward" was formerly a well-known Susquehanna citizen and has many friends at Montrose and Friendsville, who are pleased to see him again.

Montrose - The Borough Council wish to call attention to all drivers of automobiles that there is a speed limit of fifteen miles, and as it must guard the welfare of little children and pedestrians, it will rigidly enforce this ordinance. It is said that infractions of this rule will lead to arrest.

Susquehanna - Frank Malpass, who recently graduated from the law department of Syracuse University and has completed the examination for admission to the bar at Rochester, is spending a vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Job Malpass, here.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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