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July 03 1924/2024

Gibson – A float representing the old Sweet tavern, located in this place on the Newburg turnpike, is being prepared for the centennial at Montrose, July 3rd.

Harford – During the lecturer’s hour at Grange #418, each member told of his or her early school days and first teachers. Experiences extended from the old red schoolhouse with built-in desks and benches around the walls to the modern consolidated school and to the discipline and thoroughness of some of those teachers. After Grange closed Brother Booth treated the crowd to ripe bananas, which were much enjoyed. ALSO Charles A. Stearns, a former resident of North Harford, died in Lansdowne, Pa. He was a Civil War veteran and a member of the Gen. Meade Post. Services were conducted at the Congregational church with burial in Harford cemetery.

Fowler Hill, Rush Twp. – The Wootton brothers, of Montrose, visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wootton, who returned home with them on Sunday.

Transue, Auburn Twp. – Quite a number from here spent Sunday at Andrew Carter’s watching the airplane that was going to go up and didn’t on account of the strong wind blowing.

New Milford – Gregory Hand, Leslie Darrow, Frank and Herman Wilmarth, left for Camp Meade, Md., where they will spend the month of July at the Citizens’ Military Training Camp.

Great Bend – Stanley Ayres, aged 28 years, was accidentally killed in the Lackawanna railroad yards in Scranton on Friday night. His lifeless body, with massive head injuries, was found Saturday morning, having been run over by a switch engine. Everything pointed to his death being accidental. On his person was found $46.57, a gold watch and diamond tie pin. A notebook in his pocket requested that T. J. Egleston, of Great Bend, be notified in the event of accident. His sister is Mrs. Thomas Noble of Dimock.

Montrose – Edward P. Sowers has purchased the large four-acre lot at the corner of Wilson and Park streets from the Geo. V. Bentley estate. Mr. Sowers will erect a residence on this property facing Wilson street. This land is part of the original Stephen Wilson property, the first settler in Bridgewater township.

Thompson – Peter Slick, of Forest City, is erecting a store on the four corners at Dunn’s Lake, where he will serve soft drinks, candy, ice cream, etc. Keep in mind the picnic at Dunn’s Lake, July 4th.

Jackson – The annual meeting of the Jackson Cemetery Association was recently held at the Jackson Baptist church. The ladies furnished dinner and all who could, worked in the cemetery. All lots are cared for alike and the society wishes to interest persons in making deposits for perpetual care. This is often neglected until it is too late. Dues are $1.00 a year for care of the whole cemetery.

Lynn, Springville Twp. – Charles Sheldon is removing a couple of old buildings, which is a decided improvement to the town. A few more such improvements would make Lynn a desirable little village.

Brooklyn – Chas. Stephens’ Ford coupe was struck by a French racer in front of the feed store of Doran & Ely. Charles was on his way to the village and the racer, driven by Walter Sesky, was coming down the state road when the crash occurred. Both cars landed in the ditch in front of John Doran’s house. Neither of the men was seriously injured. Sesky was able to drive his car on home, but Stephens’ car was placed in Fitch’s garage for repairs.

Susquehanna – Floyd Munson and S. Pierson, who are now camping on the Delaware, at Hancock, have been joined by Kenneth Moore and Archie Walker, and the four will make a canoe trip from Susquehanna to the Chesapeake Bay, going down the Susquehanna river.

Forest City – Jon Suponcic filed a petition for final papers in the naturalization court at Scranton. Anthony Simoncic, at the same time, declared his intention of renouncing Austria to become an American citizen. Jon Dutchman and Joseph Laurihik were witnesses in both cases. ALSO Anthony Kuznik has purchased the John Sullivan property on North Main street. Mr. Kuznik is one of our most popular young men. During the coal mine suspension he visited his homeland, Austria, and there witnessed conditions, which indelibly fixed in his mind that America was the only country for him. He returned, accompanied by a lady who agreed to share his fortune.

Hop Bottom – The Hop Bottom National Bank reminded readers of the following in observance of this Nation’s birthday: “When Patriots Wrote a Story All Peoples Have Learned. Back in 1776 a new history was begun—of Liberty and Right and Equality and Opportunity. One hundred and forty-eight years after—on this Fourth of July—we mark again a birthday anniversary of Our Country. From a peak among nations America now can see how widely the ideals of the Signers of the Declaration have spread.”

News Brief: A Scranton Ford dealer is making Fords sell faster than ordinary by repainting them a maroon or radio blue and adding some extras and selling them as “sport” cars. There is a growing demand for a color other than black. The millions of black cars have made them “common.” He struck the right sales idea by providing something different.

Centennial News: The Montrose Centennial Celebration opened with fair weather and large crowds in attendance. One of the attractions is a replica of a home of the early settlers. A log cabin, a substantial structure of huge logs, erected near the Colonial Hall, is attracting much attention. It is modeled after the primitive cabin as much as possible, even to wooden pegs in some conspicuous places, while the heavy, crude plank door, quaintly hinged with wooden pegs and ancient lock, add to its unique appearance. The total cost of material was but $30.88, all the logs and much of the labor being donated. The carpenters who built it were: H. M. Melhuish, G. D. Ayres, Benton Hibbard, Russell Olin, O. W. Chase, Jesse M. Noble, P. J. Radeker, Arthur Wall, Leon Swackhamer, Leonard Watson and J. P. Drooney. The masons who pointed the chinks: George Sauter, Samuel Warner and Raymond Frisbee. A reminder to attend the parade today at 10 a.m., with concerts, addresses, movies and much more during the afternoon.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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