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January 9 1891/1991

News Briefs - Hood's Calendar for 1891 is out and it is certainly a beautiful production of the lithographers and printers arts. But to be appreciated it must be seen. Ask your druggist for Hood's Sarsaparilla Calendar, or send six cents in stamps for one copy, or ten cents for two, to C.I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. Partial returns on the recent vote in reference to the admission of women to the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church have been received from 337 different districts of the United States and the figures show a splendid victory for the women.

Rush - About 50 couples hopped the old year out and the New Year in to the music of Fargo, Barnhart & Co.'s fiddles, at the Rush House on New Year's Eve.

Harford - The Library Association has just added Stanley's "In Darkest Africa," in two volumes, to its already, large list. The association has now over 1000 volumes to select from.

Susquehanna - two enormous snowplows, built of sheet iron and ballasted with scrap iron were used in front of powerful engines to clear the tracks on the Susquehanna and Jefferson Division of the Erie Railroad last week. They were constructed in the Erie Shops in this place to clear the snowdrifts reported to be 10 to 18 feet in height

Oakland - Frank Boyland sustained a broken leg, Harry Bohn a broken arm, and William Daman a sprained ankle, caused by a collision of their sleds while riding down a hill in Oakland on Christmas Day. The authorities in Susquehanna, however, have strictly forbidden coasting on the streets.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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