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January 31 1896/1996

Hop Bottom - F.M. Tennant, who recently purchased the Day Hotel at Hopbottom, has sold his Hotel at Clifford and the mail route between Carbondale and Nicholson to the Robinson brothers.

Lindaville - The Ladies' Aid Society will hold a mask party and oyster supper at the residence of Owen Tiffany, Friday evening, Jan. 31. Masks will be furnished at a reasonable price.

Montrose - Standing room is at a premium around the show window of the Central Drug store these days. The firm advertised for, and secured a number of wild mice last week and now have them nicely domiciled in the window mentioned. Their cage is fitted up with "gymnastic" apparatus, which the nimble little creatures make good use of, and their antics are equal to a first-class circus. If you don't believe it, try watching them for five (the chances are that it will be fifteen or more) minutes.

Herrick Centre - It is rumored that the Delaware and Hudson company is about to prospect for coal near Herrick Centre, on the Jefferson branch, where there are said to be excellent surface indications. We hope they may find lots of it.

Forest City - The Polish Catholic Church at Forest City, the erection of which was commenced last summer, is now entirely enclosed and most of the external work completed. But it is expected that the interior work will not be finished until next March. The edifice will cost about $10,000.

Auburn - That Democrat gentleman who jumped over into the Republican Party has caused quite a discord among them. Some thought he ought to have been on probation a while longer before giving him an office, while others thought if they could see down in his heart they would find him a Democrat. Well we think it real naughty to let a little thing like that create confusion, just as if a candidate hasn't a perfect right, when he sees danger a head to flop over to the stronger side, yes, and claim both.

Brookdale - Wellie Bailey and Jennie Travis were married last week. Wellie is passing the cigars. We wish them joy and a long life of happiness.

Clifford - O.E. Barney died Jan. 9th, after a short sickness of pneumonia. Mr. Barney was our harness-maker, and one of our best citizens and will be much missed. His funeral was largely attended at the house. Mr. Barney, of Montrose, is now at work in the shop. We are glad to receive another good workman, wish he would stay.

Lenox - Some 20 teams from South Gibson hauled grain from Nicholson Saturday the 25th.

Bear Swamp - Ragan Bros. are the champion trappers of this place, they having captured 12 skunks in one day.

Thompson - Dr. Stimpson, while going to see a patient one day last week, was thrown out of his road cart and broke his shoulder. It was set by Dr. Birdsall of Susquehanna.

Franklin Forks - Conklin seems to have great attractions for our young people as so many of them go there to have marriage ceremonies performed. This time it is Clarence Knapp, of this place, and Miss Relta Ives of Lawsville.

Dimock - Jas Gavitt has just received that long deferred pension [Civil War veteran]. His neighbors join with him in rejoicing over it, as it was deserved and needed.

Susquehanna County- Permits to Wed: Marriage licenses lately granted at the Recorder's office were to John Taylor and Alma Walton, both of Springville; Thos. Cobceshand and Katie Shoot, both of Forest City; Jas. McGovern to Martha Kelly, both of Rush; F.E. Reynolds to Carrie Bullard, both of Bridgewater; Geo. Braungart and Lizzie Kuhn, both of Lanesboro; Dan’l A. Connors to Mary F. Ryan, both of Susquehanna. [In a previous article we reported confusion over the reporting of two different men, Coddington or Barber, who would eventually marry Katie Madigan of Susquehanna Depot. Katie married John Barber, of Hallstead, on Jan. 29, 1896, according to the original marriage license].

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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