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January 27 1893/1993

Forest City - The subject of lighting the town with electric lights has again been brought be-fore the people, and it is expected will be definitely acted upon at the spring election. A representative of the Weston-Huston Electrical Company who was here recently estimates the cost of a plant to the municipality at about $12,000, with 18 arc, and 540 incandescent power. It is estimated that the cost of lighting the streets will ultimately amount to but a trifle, for the revenues from the incandescents will" be sufficient to cover all running expenses.

Clifford - The sleighing from Clifford to Carbondale is good and there is from 40 to 100 tons of coal being hauled over the road daily. AND Bert Smith and wife have a new comer. It is a nice 10 lb. girl. AND This section of the state is experiencing very cold weather. Some of the time the mercury was 28 below zero, the coldest in a good many years, and unless a thaw comes soon water will be a scarce article.

Auburn - Charles Lott has had four locks broken in his grain house, on his tenant farm, and lost about 75 bushels of grain this winter from his grain houses.

Brooklyn - Warren Watrous and wife, of Johnsonsburg, are visiting friends here. AND Harry Craver has bought W.L. Kent's interest in the Craver store. Mr. Kent is going to Binghamton to engage in the hardware business.

Susquehanna - The somewhat celebrated case of James Paye vs. Justice of the Peace George D. Tiffany has been amicably settled. AND A man named Pooler narrowly escaped drowning while cutting ice on the river last Monday afternoon.

Auburn Corners - A large number of Auburn people attended court this week, the suit of Mrs. Hollenback vs. the John Satner estate being the principle attraction.

East New Milford - The Methodist Sunday School reorganized for 1893 with the following officers: Superintendent, C.S. Page; Assistant Superintendent, Wm. Jennings; Secretary, Miss Ora Rice; Treasurer, Mrs. H.W. Edwards; Librarian, A. Tanner; Collector, Hugh Page; organist, Miss Jennie Robinson.

South Gibson - There was no preaching service here last Sunday on account of the sickness and death of the youngest child of Rev. J.C. Jacobs, which died of pneumonia. Interment Wednesday at Factoryville; H.D. Pickering, Funeral director.

Elk Lake - H.T. Fargo met with a very serious and painful accident recently by falling backward from the big beam in his barn, but is improving, no bones being broken.

Hop Bottom - We regret to hear that Mr. Steven's family are going to leave town and are going to move to Brooklyn, on his farm, this spring, and Eugene Wright will occupy Mr. Steven’s house.

Harford - Miss Emma Parrish has completed a third scrapbook of, Harford's Centennial History. This time it was for Mrs. Dr Lowry. AND On Monday it was so cold that the well on Watson Jeffery’s farm froze over at a depth of 13 1/2 feet below the top of the ground. The ice was one-half inch thick and required considerable effort to break through it.

East Rush - A.B. Lingberry has returned from Philadelphia after a week’s absence. She having to go and take the little boy back to the Aid Society. He became blind; they then took him to the Hospital for treatment. When she returned she brought a girl with her.

Lenoxville - I tell you what, don't Walden Johnson strut. Cause a bouncing baby boy; weight 9 pounds.

Lathrop - Sheriff Miller passed through this place this week. We would judge from the wraps he wore it was colder in Montrose than here, although it has been below zero.

Montrose - As two couples were out for a pleasant walk, on Lake Ave., the other evening, they were surprised by being followed and serenaded with tin pan music, much to their displeasure, as they did not wish to be disturbed.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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