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January 23 1891/1991

Union Dale - There are 13 widows in this little borough, who will perhaps be looking out for leap year, which will be next year.

Silver Lake - The team of bays owned by Mr. D. Sayre on his stock farm here, and drove by G.D. Hickock, attracts considerable attention. The horses can make good time, and anything that beats them has to have a handier way of getting over the ground than Liberty's gray, or R.M.D.’s bay. But we tell you there's stuff in that little horse of R.D.’s of Franklin, but not much in his sleigh. He cannot keep the body glued on.

Birchardville - H.F. Baker's team of horses fell through his barn floor, a distance of about 7 or 8 feet. They were hitched to his cutter. Fortunately no damage was done except a big hole in the floor and one broken whippletree and not a scratch on the horses.

News Brief - Our Representative, Hon. D.C. Titman, has been appointed on the following standing committees of the House of Representatives for 1891-92: Appropriations. Congressional, Apportionment, Library, Mines and Mining and Chairman of Committee on Labor and Industry. Our other member, Hon. Philo Burritt, is a member of the following committees: Agriculture, Iron and Coal, Labor and Industry, Printing, Retrenchment and Reform. Our exchanges are warning their readers to look out for a gang of men traveling about the country making contracts for painting roofs. If they offer to paint your roof for $5, ask them how much they charge for the paint they put on before you close the contract.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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