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January 18 1908/2008

Susquehanna - The members of the "Kidders' Club" of this place enjoyed (?) a sleighride to Hallstead last week. After roaming around the village and not wishing to clash with the curfew, which sputters regularly at 8 o'clock, they returned home at 7:55 p.m. from the picturesque village of Herald post card fame. Those present were: Misses Katie Judge, Camilla Hennessy, Anna O'Malley, Mary Hickey, Nellie Kane, Agnes Malloy, Anna Creegan, Esther Ahern, Katie Creegan, Louise O'Connell and Isabelle Burns. Misses May Ryan and Rachael O'Connell chaperoned the party.

Forest City - Charles Todd, a bright former Forest City boy, and one time valedictorian of a high school graduating class there, has been given a local preacher's license by unanimous vote of the Forest City Methodist church. Mr. Todd is a student at Syracuse University.

Montrose - After a long illness with cancer, Mrs. Martha Slaughter Smith, wife of Rev. George Smith, died at her late home in Johnstown, NY, on Jan. 12th, 1908. Mrs. Smith was born in this place and was highly respected by all who know her. Several years ago she married Rev. George Smith, son of the late Rev. William and Betsey Smith, both pioneers of the Negro race in Montrose. Late years Mrs. Smith dwelt in New York state, where her husband is prominent in the circles of the African Methodist Episcopal church. The remains were brought to Montrose yesterday when the final funeral services were held. Interment was made in the Montrose Cemetery. AND The doing away of the stage lines in favor of free mail delivery may be progressive, but the old stages running in and out of Montrose are an accommodation to many people.

Brandt - Owing to the Kessler Co. plant working with only a part of the help, a number of the employees have taken advantage of the Erie company ice cutting at Hathaways, near Ararat Summit, and are working there for awhile.

Jackson - C. D. Washburn, a veteran of the late [Civil] war, was in South Gibson Jan. 11th and installed the new officers in A. J. Roper Post, G.A.R. for this year. Mr. Washburn is a prominent candidate for county treasurer. He was the guest of Comrade H. D. Pickering while in town.

South Gibson - W. W. Resseguie has returned from State College, where he has been for some time learning to improve on the old ways of farming. AND Fourteen couples from this place went on a leap year sleighride to Roberts' hotel in Jackson, last Friday evening, and report a good time.

Lenox - The teachers of Lenox met at Glenwood January 11th. Miss Vida Sherman was elected chairman and Miss Blanche Hoppe secretary. Miss Hoppe then read a paper on the teaching of English in the primary grades. Miss Ruth Ross read a paper on Recitation. Both papers were thoroughly discussed by the teachers. Those present were: Misses Vida Sherman, Ruth Ross, Faye Hallstead, Freda Robinson, Blanche Hoppe, Lloyd L. Call and Fred N. Hardy.

Pleasant Valley, Auburn Twp. - About 50 of the friends and neighbors gathered at the home of J. Schoonmaker on Jan. 10th, it being his 50th birthday. At first he thought he was having visitors, but at they continued to come he began to think they had a purpose and he realized it was his birthday. They came from Auburn Centre, Beech Grove, Retta, Rushboro, South Auburn and Camptown. The ladies were provided with well filled baskets, and a sumptuous dinner was served. After the feast was over, all assembled in the parlor and sitting room, where Mr. Lowe made a few well chosen remarks and presented him with a sum of money amounting to $10.50, with the request that he purchase a present that he could keep in remembrance of the occasion. He was also presented with a beautiful birthday cake, made in the shape of a pyramid, by Mrs. Harriet Ainey, aged 77 years. As it was his request "not to have it cut" it was placed in the centre of the table, where all could look at but not touch it. The evening was spent in playing games. Fine music was rendered by Ethel Green at the organ and J. and Bruce Green with the violin. The cake was then cut and lunch was served, all pronouncing it very fine and appetizing and not to be beaten by a younger cook.

Springville - Last Wednesday afternoon the village people were shocked to learn that Miss Madeline, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Blakeslee, was dead. Her sickness began with scarlet fever. Appendicitis developing later, an operation being prohibited on account of first sickness, her death being caused by the latter trouble, although an operation was performed as soon as her condition would permit. Miss Blakeslee was an estimable young lade and she had very many friends wherever she was known. Her age was fifteen years.

Glenwood - A birthday party was held at the home of P. H. Hunt, it being his 51st birthday. The house was well filled with sons and daughters and grandchildren. At the conclusion of the feast a beautiful chair was presented to Mr. Hunt by the children; a set of dining room chairs for Mrs. Hunt; then Mr. Hunt made a fine speech and was so overjoyed he occupied the chair for the rest of the day.

Friendsville - A Leap Year dance, the first of the season, was held at A.O.H. Hall on the evening of Jan. 8th. About 50 young people were present. Good music was in attendance, refreshments were served, and all report an excellent time. AND The Friendsville Literary and Dramatic Association has been organized.

Birchardville - Mr. Platt, the birch oil manufacturer, made a business trip to Binghamton, Saturday.

New Milford - The New Milford Musical Club enjoyed a sleighride to the home of W. A. Benson, near Brushville, Wednesday evening.

Thompson - Leroy French, who has been clerk in the corner store for a year or more, entered Keuka College, making three students there from Thompson.

News Briefs: The cawing of crows in the early morning has been heard. Old weather prognosticators tell us that it indicates an early spring. AND About $8,000,000 were spent for automobiles in this country last year. Imagine the amount of stink and dust those purchases raised.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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