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January 16 1920/2020

Montrose – Three men were placed in charge of Sheriff G. M. Darrow on the charge of Vagrancy. The three men, however, are supposed to be more than mere hoboes, in fact one is believed to have served time in New York. The men are held under suspicion that they know a great deal about the cracking of a safe in the Wilmarth store at Thompson a few weeks ago, $800 in Liberty bonds being stolen. They were seen in that place the night of the burglary, and detectives are now at work endeavoring to substantiate their theories. ALSO The Montrose H. S. orchestra is making rapid progress. The members are: Miss Helen Treible, pianist; Frances Gardner, banjo; Max Knoll, mandolin; Norman Reynolds, violin; Clifton Melhuish, cornet; Stewart Payne, drummer. ALSO Miss Mary Meehan, Montrose’s census enumerator, is learning the names, ages, occupations, and other valuable information for the government these days. The family Bible is coming in for more use now than it has in many a year.

Great Bend – Robert Howard, aged 83 years, a Civil War veteran, died at his home here, Dec. 25, 1919. Interment was in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Brooklyn – On Tuesday evening of this week two sleigh loads of lovers of our wintery pleasures journeyed here, from Montrose, for one of those famous Tewksbury House suppers.

Liberty Twp. - Farm for Sale-Situated in Liberty township, adjoining Camp Susquehannock; six miles from railroad station at Conklin, NY; three miles from milk station, Lawsville Center; extraordinarily well watered. Springs never failing, for use at house and barn. 280 acres or would retain 50 acres. In splendid state of cultivation. New barn; big, comfortable house, wagon house and other outbuildings; some timber, lots of wood, good sugar orchard. Age and scarcity of help necessitates selling this property. Would rent, for cash or on shares, to right person if sale is not made. M.J. Hanagan, R.D. #1, Brackney.

Hop Bottom – People of our town were shocked yesterday to learn that Wm. Jones, colored, had been instantly killed on Monday by train No. 3. Mr. Jones had lived near Foster for several years and was a highly respected resident. He was employed by Timothy Burke, contractor, of Scranton. ALSO A. J. Qualey has a gang of men busily engaged in harvesting the ice crop for the Highground Dairy Company’s ice house, while D. W. Wright and W. W. Kinner are cutting and drawing ice from Joe West’s mill pond.

Uniondale – O. H. Yale and John S. Boulter autoed to Wilkes-Barre Tuesday and returned with a new Ford runabout to be converted into a tea wagon for Harold Morgan, who is doing a rushing business in the sale of tea and coffees. Harry is a rustler. ALSO Gaylord Reynolds was severely injured Monday while assisting H. T. Williams in filling an ice house. He jumped on a horse to get a pair of ice tongs and in delivering them the tongs fastened in some way to the blanket. The horse became frightened and started to run. The animal kicked vigorously with Gaylord close at its heels. The young man was dragged for some distance before the animal was curbed. Gaylord sustained severe cuts about the face, and a sprained ankle. He considers himself lucky in escaping more serious injury.

Franklin Forks – Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Stockholm celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, Sunday, by entertaining their children, Mr. and Ms. Chas. Berg and children and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Stockholm and son, Robert. ALSO Mr. and Mr. Hermon Hollenbeck’s little baby passed away on Friday.

Rush Twp. – The holidays are now a thing of the past and everyone is hustling to get their lime ready for spring work and deliver their hay while we have fine sleighing.

Dimock – C. W. Barnes, our newly elected constable, is preparing to build a large, new garage in the near future.

Fairdale – The coasting has been fine on the town hill this week and the young people have been making the most of it.

Silver Lake – Quite a number of people attended the box social held at the Richmond Hill school on Friday evening last. And a box social for the Ward school will be held a week from Friday night, Jan. 23, at the home of the teacher, Miss Genevieve Snyder.

Thompson – Mrs. A. W. Brown, of Starrucca, Mrs. F. D. Brown and her daughter, Miss Gertrude Brown, of Jackson, leave Tuesday, Jan. 20th, for Florida, to spend the winter.

Forest City – “King Kelly” well known here, was arrested by Robert Ingles of the Erie police force on Monday, charged with trespassing on the premises of the railroad company and train riding. He was given a hearing before Justice L. L. Decker. The prisoner admitted his guilt. The justice imposed a fine of $10 and costs or 10 days in the county jail. “Take me to jail” said the prisoner, and Officer Ingles took him to Susquehanna and turned him over to the State constabulary, who have several prisoners to remove to the county jail. ALSO The appeals by the Hillside Coal and Iron and Hudson Coal companies, in which the assessed valuations of coal land in Forest City and Clifford townships has been the issue, is said to be the longest case on record in this county. It took fourteen days to take the testimony, during which 50,000 words were recorded by the stenographer. Fifty exhibits were admitted in evidence. The litigation has cost the county upwards of $5,000. The taking of testimony has terminated and arguments in the case are expected to be made soon.

Fiddle Lake – Jerome Denney was called to Susquehanna to see his brother Judson Denney, who was in the hospital and found him in a very critical condition. He returned home in the evening and the next morning received word that his brother had passed away.

Herrick Center – A sleigh load of our young people went to Forest City last week and took in the movies.

Springville – Joseph H. Kelly, of Endicott, has sold his business known as the Endicott Furniture Co. to Casper and Joseph D. Freedman. Mr. Kelly was a former resident of this vicinity and went from Springville to Endicott a number of years ago, when he entered the furniture business.

Marriage Licenses – Louis R. Bolles and Eva Galloway, both of Hallstead; Wilfred H. McCoy and Ina A. Burdick, Clifford; Patsy Igo, Susquehanna and Dolly Anderson, Summersville; Raymond Vincent, Susquehanna and Sadye Feldman, Springfield, Mass.

News Brief: Catholics of the United States will build a $5,000,000 church at Washington, D. C., in honor of the heroes of the World War. Ground will be broken in May.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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