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January 16 1891/1991

Harford - Will the gentleman who spoke concerning the apples on the three Indian Apple trees at Great Bend, at the session of January 10th, Historical Society meeting in Montrose, please send W.L. Thacher a more particular description of them, and the exact location of the three trees. [Note: General Clinton, on his way to meet General Sullivan in 1779, encamped on the banks of the Susquehanna at Great Bend. "They landed to pass the night, and to allow some of the dilatory rafts to come up, and here at Great Bend, on the Flats near the "Three Indian Apple Trees," General James Clinton's army encamped, and here for one night, at least, brightly burned the camp fires of 1600 of the soldiers of the Revolution. The officer in his diary says of the three Indian Apple Trees, which they found here, that they then bore the marks of great age. There were no Indians seen here by them, although there was every indication of their having only recently left. The next day they went on board of their rafts and proceeded down the river." Blackman’s History of Susquehanna County, pg. 51-52.

Alford - The trestle at Alford is receiving the super-structure. W.H. Tiffany is busily removing the timber from the 2 1/2 miles cut through his land. The sparks from the locomotive will clear up everything dry, when once the iron horse has commenced his travel.

Gunn Hill [Lenox Twp] - Will Squires, of Glenwood, thinks that Round Pond is the best place in the county for fishing. ~AND~ A sleigh load of Gunnhillites went to Clifford last Saturday to take in the G.A.R. installation. Oysters were served in abundance and all declare they were never treated as well in their lives.

Tunkhannock - One of Knoll's patent headrests is now in use at the Berlinghof shaving parlors in this place, and is a very desirable thing. L.P. Knoll, of Montrose, is the inventor, and he is now manufacturing the rests for use on the railroad cars and they are pronounced almost indispensable by travelers.

Elk Lake - Elk Lake will have a creamery in the spring, owned and operated by a co-operative company. It will be built near the bridge below the lake dam.

Gibson - The young ladies of this place were invited to attend a rag bee at Philander Tiffany’s Tuesday, Jan 13. The gentlemen were invited to come in the evening and have a good time. Nearly 40 were present.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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