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January 15 1892/1992

Hallstead - On Saturday night about 8 o'clock the Hallstead Fire; Company was called over to Great Bend by an alarm of fire. They responded quickly and took the steamer and "got there," but not in time to save the building, which was the old tannery not in use. It was an all on fire when they arrived. They placed the steamer on the bank of the river and in a very short time had a stream playing upon the fire. Someone furnished a little extract of hops, but our foreman said "not any here while I AM boss." Good for him.

Clifford - The long looked for snow has come at last and we hear the jingle of sleigh bells on our streets.

Harford - Ice is reported 3 or 4 inches thick. Fishermen have been operating on Lower Lake and Tyler Lake. Considerable catch of pickerel, but not very handsome specimens.

Lenoxville - On last Tuesday as Allie Harris was about to start after some sawdust, his team got tired of waiting for him and started off themselves, running about one and one-half miles, but doing no harm to team or wagon.

Jackson - The concert held on Jan 8 was a real success. The choirs both from Gibson and Jackson performed their pieces in a manner highly pleasing. The orchestra furnished some fine selections and are worthy of much praise. Loads from Herrick and E. Ararat were present. Prof. Truman Dunn pronounced the concert a good one; and the audience all appeared satisfied with the evening spent.

New Milford- The band boys are preparing a dramatic entertainment for the near future.

Silver Lake - I think that Snow Hollow correspondent must have had a big load of the oil of joy when he wrote those items last week, and not Johnnie Shea. 95 percent of what he wrote were false assertion, and it was not oil of joy, it was hard cider. He said E.M. Dunn and Jos. Whalen were organizing a temperance society. The above statement is untrue and if the above gentlemen find out who wrote the above statement he will not forget the lecture they will give him for some time. Also in regard to F. O'Shea's yearling, in the first place there is no F. O'Shea in Snow Hollow, second, there never was a yearling raised in Snow Hollow that dressed 500 pounds.

News Briefs- Contributed Article, date unknown: A correspondent of the Louisville Courier Journal writes: "Several years ago I was coming from Poughkeepsie by boat, and we stopped at Cornwall to take aboard the gentlemen who went early to business in New York. Instead of the usual number there were a great many people who rushed aboard in various stages of indignation and disgust. It was a perfect exodus, and we soon learned the cause. The night before, light bread was set in Cornwall boarding house pantry to 'rise.' Bedtime came and all retired; all at least, save a pet kitten, who prowled about and got into the pantry, and, finding the pan of bread, lay down thereon, and went quietly to sleep. The dough yielded gradually, and slowly but surely the kitten was engulged, the batter closing over and leaving no sign. When morning came the bread was brought in hot. Imagine the scene all the boarders seated at the table when that loaf was broken open They left in a body . . .

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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