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January 11 1890/1990

Brooklyn- Report of the Watson School for the month ending Dec. 26, May Bailey, teacher, those receiving 100 percent attendance are: Louise Newton, Lee Bunnell, Ira Johnson. Those reaching 95 percent and above are: Lincoln Barnes, Ada Huston, Rubie McKinney, Freddy Miller, George Bunnell, Ula Johnson. Those below 95 percent are: Jessie Miller, Hattie Miller.

Elkdale- John Anderson died Dec. 24, aged 98, being the oldest person in the township.

Harford- The Centennial chorus has begun practice with good prospects. The "Centennial Hymn," by Julius Tyler, has been set to music by Prof. Sophia, and is soon expected from the Publishing House, Chicago.

Montrose- Luther Jagger has exchanged his house and lot in Montrose with Mrs. Fannie Coy for a farm of 53 acres, situated in East Rush, and will soon take up his residence there, and Mr. and Mrs. Coy, will move into town. The Tubular Sled Co. of Montrose advertises their hand sled weighing 7 pounds and made of tubular steel and iron. “Handsome and swift and will outlast any boy. All live dealer have them.” “The Widow Bedott Company" will appear at the Montrose Opera House on Monday and Tuesday evenings Jan. 13 and 14. Prices: 25, 35 and 50 cents.

Rush- The sale of the personal property of Mrs. Butterfield at the mineral springs was continued through Tuesday and Wednesday, [*According to Blackman’s History, 1873, the springs were used by invalids for miles around for medicinal purposes for more than half a century]

Susquehanna- A concert by the Mozart Band of Carbondale, assisted by the Susquehanna Band and orchestra of this borough, will be given at the Hogan Opera House here, on the evening of the 30th.

Susquehanna - An agent of the Westinghouse Electric Light Co. has been here this week trying to rejuvenate the electric light question. He says the plant can be established for $12,000.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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