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January 09 1903/2003

Susquehanna - Miss Louise Curtis has been elected principal of the Gibson school, to fill out the unexpired term of Prof. Ernest Tiffany, who resigned on account of ill health. AND Messrs. Manning Thompson and Howard Collins have gone with the Alonzo Hatch moving picture company for a 20-week trip.

Ararat - It is understood that N. L. Walker will take a clerkship in the office of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, at Harrisburg, made vacant by the death of the late B. H. Prizer.

Forest Lake - We think our stage driver, Mr. Winner, is rightly named, as he has won our neighbor, Mrs. Ella Hollis and on Sunday morning the happy couple went to Apalachin, NY where they were united in marriage by Rev. G. D. Fisher. They were attended by Miss Helen Howell and Myron Campbell of Apalachin. May peace and happiness follow them through life.

Upsonville - Jerry Banker is attending the meeting of the American Devon Cattle Club at West Chester, PA. He is recognized as one of the very foremost among the breeders of Devons in this country. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of this association for 16 years and president of the same association for 6 years.

Montrose - E. H. True, who has lighted his store for several months by means of a private acetylene plant, will be obliged to remove his plant in order to maintain the insurance on his store and goods, as the insurance company have entered protest. Since the explosion of the plant at the Jay House, New Milford, the feeling against private gas plants has deepened, and in this case it undoubtedly precipitated matters.

Forest City - George Goodman, who has been boring for coal on the Watt-Williams tract above Forest City, found evidence of a very valuable mineral deposit and has purchased the tract, which comprises several hundred acres. The core shows the coal to be of very excellent quality and the vein of good thickness. The property, which it is said brought a goodly sum, has already been transferred to Mr. Goodman, and, it is said, he will soon begin the erection of a large breaker. The colliery will be at the extreme north of the anthracite coal field. AND Mr. and Mrs. John Muchitz, of Austria, parents of Martin Muchitz, arrived in Forest City on Christmas eve and will hereafter make their home with their son. It was a happy Christmas for this family that had been reunited after so many years.

Birchardville - Thursday afternoon a party of 25 started from this vicinity, their destination being Asa Coleman's near Herrickville, Bradford Co. Oysters were served and dancing indulged in until the wee small hours. Breakfast was served and all returned to their homes, reporting a fine time.

Clifford - Clifford's new club, which is proving such an important spoke in the social wheel, has at last received a name. It is to be known as the "Knogrowold" and has chosen the following officers, president, Doctor J. W. Edwards; vice president, L. E. Taylor; secretary Miss Ruth Miller; treasurer, P. A. Rivenburg; executive committee, Miss Ella Maude Stewart, Mrs. P. A. Rivenburg, Messrs, E. G. Greene, W. M. Bennett, and Dr. Edwards. The club meets at Finn's hall every Tuesday night and plans ping pong, etc.

East Bridgewater - In Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 28th, Fred A. Baldwin entered into his rest. He was the son of Geo. H. Baldwin, dec. and Paulina (Tiffany) Baldwin, and was 37 years of age at his decease. His father died when Fred was a mere lad, and his early life was spent with his mother on the old homestead farm of his grandfather, the late Matthew Baldwin, deceased, in East Bridgewater, locally known as the "Baldwin Hill." When Fred became of age he followed Horace Greely's advice to young men and went West. For the greater part of 16 years he has resided in western Arizona. A few months ago consumption developed and he was directed by his attending physician to go to Southern California, where the end came.

Lawsville Centre - A quantity of buckwheat and chickens were stolen last Saturday night from Frank Travis' and Webb Hollenback's. The perpetrators were found and we trust severely punished.

Harford - The band will hold a masquerade and box social at Odd Fellows' Hall, Wednesday evening, Jan. 28. Ladies are requested to bring a box with lunch for two.

New Susquehanna County Officials: At the Court House this week the new officials have settled down to work. R. N. Brush assumed the duties of the Sheriff's office. G. E. McKune, of Harmony, M. J. Lannon, of Susquehanna, and A. O. Tiffany, of Dimock, are in the Commissioners' office. P. H. Lines, of Great Bend, was here to take charge of the Treasurer's office. He will be here part of the time and when he is not here, W. A. Titsworth will attend to his matters. T. W. Atkinson, U. Kinney and M. J. Lee, the board of auditors, are right busy at the County accounts. B. B. Buffum commences his second term in the Register's office. Deputy Sheriff Leonard, who thoroughly understands the Sheriff's office and its affairs, is retained; and W. A. Titsworth, the same, as Commissioner's clerk; and W. N. Barnes, deputy Register.

Oakley - The latest news is that Oakley is to be connected with Kingsley by a telephone line, in the near future.

News Briefs - A few drops of oil of lavender poured into a glass of very hot water will purify the air of a room almost instantly from cooking odors. The effect is especially refreshing in a sick room. AND The return of the miners to work resulted in a marriage boom such as the region never before experienced. Since the settlement of the strike over 400 licenses to marry have been issued in Luzerne county alone. AND The assault on one Republican by another on county committee day (last Saturday), wherein a good umbrella was smashed on the offender's head, was a mild illustration of the brotherly unity and good will among our Republican neighbors. While some heads are not of much account, perhaps good umbrellas are valuable. AND An exchange announces that "the United States leads the world in furnishing armor for battleships and corsets." That's no joke; it's the truth.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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