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January 04 1890/1990

Montrose- Montrose Railway; From reports of the surveys which are in progress to the vicinity of Montrose, there seems to be no question that an extension of the DL&W can be made to that village with little difficulty and at a comparatively small expense. This will open a direct line from Scranton to Montrose.

Oakley- There are a number of cases of diphtheria in this section. Riley Carpenter’s little boy, Earl, died. Also George Shappee’s child [from Susquehanna] and his niece here in Oakley. E.N. Barney, opposite the Montrose House on Turnpike St. [Church St.], Montrose, advertises handmade harnesses and a large lot of ropes and Five A horse blankets.

Springville- On Dec. 25, 1889, George Lake and Nettie Ely were married at the home of the bride’s father. The happy couple will go to New Jersey before returning to their home near this place. Sunday, the occasion being the arrival of a young daughter at his home. About the same time Mrs. Henry Millard presented Henry with a young son. Both men are doing as well as can be expected. C.E. Spencer and Jas. E. Davis have started in the hardware business in this place in the Rose building. The colored people of Montrose will give an old fashion concert consisting of jubilee singing and plantation scenes, and wind up with a cakewalk.

Susquehanna County - Influenza deaths spreading, 1200 in New York City last week and in Boston, 348. Ice is in demand because of mild weather. Scientists are now convinced that the Gulf Stream has nothing to do with the remarkably unseasonable [warm] weather that has been prevailing.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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