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January 01 1904/2004

Uniondale - The Uniondale Milling Co. is presenting its patrons with handsome calendars containing a life-like picture of their big mills.

Lindaville [Brooklyn Twp.] - Clarence Williams and Miss Anna Lord, of this place, were united in marriage, Dec. 23, 1903, at the home of the bride. We extend congratulations. AND In Brooklyn, Christmas trees, well filled with presents in the three churches here, made the children and the parents happy.

Montrose - The Montrose Democrat offers the first young lady that makes a leap year proposal and is accepted, will have 100 wedding invitations free of charge, at the Democrat office. Be prompt, girls, but don't crowd. AND Miss Lillian A. Sampson, of Tarrytown, NY, graduate of Wesleyan College and Miss Sarah E. Clark, of Washington, D.C., graduate of Wellesley Women's College, have been elected teachers in [the] Montrose School. All the teachers now employed in Montrose High School are college graduates.

Susquehanna - J. F. Bronson, in the hope of benefiting his health, will take up his residence in Cuba. He left for Havana, Dec. 24.

Hopbottom - Miss Ethel Titus, a student at Bloomsburg State Normal School, and Bessie and Dean Tiffany, students at Keuka College, are home for the holidays.

Glenwood - The exercises at the Grow chapel, on Xmas eve, were a success in every way. The recitations by the younger scholars were fine, the pieces sang were well rendered and a good attendance and perfect order was noticeable on every hand. Mrs. G. N. Bennett, the master spirit, was in great demand, her time was principally taken up with the younger classes and will be remembered through all their lives, as she has pointed the way to mansions in the skies.

Auburn - Miss Lena Bushnell takes her vacation this week, so no school. AND Do not miss going to the men's oyster supper at the M.E. church next Friday night. You are promised one of the grandest entertainments ever witnessed; besides a phonograph will be present.

Harford - The dance at Kingsley was well represented from Harford and all report a good time except they broke their sleigh on the way home.

Fairdale - The ladies of Fairdale will have their annual oyster supper in the basement of the M. E. church on Friday evening, January 9. All are cordially invited.

East Bridgewater - B. R. Jewett will give a phonograph entertainment at the East Bridgewater church on Wednesday evening, Jan. 6, for benefit of the church. A small admission fee will be charged.

Wyalusing - L. B. Frink, foreman of the Wyalusing Rocket and a former resident of Montrose, has been elected chief of the Wyalusing fire department. "Verne" will make a good chief and we congratulate the people of that town in having such a wide-awake and competent head for their fire fighters.

St. Joseph - Rev. Fr. James A. O'Reilly, a native of St. Joseph, who for several years has been connected with the Cathedral in Scranton, was recently presented with a beautiful gold chalice by members of the Holy Name Society, of Nativity Church. Fr. O'Reilly, since the organization of this society, whose noble purpose is to discourage the use of profanity and obscene speech, has taken a personal interest in its welfare to such an extent that its growth and power for good seems phenomenal and in recognition of the fact, that the gift was presented. He is one out of four brothers, all ordained to the priesthood.

Forest City - Early Christmas morning, between the hours of three and four o'clock, Patrick Fleming stopped before the residence of Festus Madden and by throwing snowballs, ice and other missiles at the house aroused the anger of its occupant, who ordered him away, and he departed for his boarding house just across the street. Returning in the course of a half hour, Fleming fired a shot from a revolver, which he had evidently just procured and Madden, stepping to the door, fired a shot skywards from a double-barreled shotgun, the intention being to scare the intruder away. This, however, did not frighten him and he continued to advance again sending a bullet in Madden's direction. The latter, intent upon preserving his own life, fired the remaining barrel at his assailant, the contents of the weapon taking effect in the young man's side, below the right shoulder, tearing a hole about two inches in diameter, and he expired almost immediately.

Madden was taken to jail to await the grand jury's action after F. T. Gelder, J. P. at Forest City, heard the evidence. The reason given for Fleming's attack on Madden's house was said to be a desire on the part of the former to continue a quarrel with the latter's son, a young man of about 23 years of age.

Both men were miners; Fleming being unmarried, 26 years of age, about 3 months ago went to Forest City from Plymouth, Luzerne Co., and he was well-known and popular; he served during the Spanish-American War, and possessed a fine physique. Madden is 46 years of age and has a wife and 6 children; he also possesses many friends who are confident that the affair is a justifiable case of homicide, an opinion which is shared by a majority of the people of Forest City.

On the contrary, it is said that as a result of investigations pursued by friends of the young man killed, that they are in a position to prove that the revolver was placed by his side when he had been lying in the snow for some time; that he had never been seen with a gun of any kind in his possession.

While there are good grounds for the belief that Madden committed the act in self defense, yet there is a strong probability that when the case is tried, possibly at the April term, there will be some interesting, if not sensational, developments.

News Briefs - Christmas was a beautiful, mild day, followed the next day by a "rip-snorter," with well-defined blizzardy symptoms. AND The Catholics of Scranton diocese and of the whole world for that matter, were granted a dispensation to eat meat on Christmas Day and on New Year's Day, both of which this year fell on Friday. This dispensation is nothing new. It is allowed whenever Christmas and New Year's fall on Friday but, as it is several years since that happened before, it is new to most of the rising generations especially.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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