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February 9 1894/1994

Susquehanna County- Rudolf Falb, the well-known astronomer, has now definitely fixed the date of the end of the world; it the l5th day of November 1899. In a lecture he recently gave, he stated it as his opinion that the erratia comet discovered in 1866 would reappear in 1899 and collide with our globe on the above named date, or a day or two later. Should the collision not bring on the great catastrophe, he believes that it will produce a phenomenon such as has never been seen before namely, a fall of shooting stars as dense as flakes of snow during the hours from 2 to 5 A.M., on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of November 1899. Forewarded is forearmed. We shall have nearly six years in which to settle our sublunary affairs. (The Montrose Democrat, Nov. 15, 1899. reported no unusual happenings of this nature.)

Birchardville - Today, Feb. 6th, Charles Swan lost his valuable horse fell dead in harness. Mr. Swan knows no cause why. He seemed well and full of life. This is a great loss to his owner, as he was a fine noble fellow.

East Rush- The East Rush Creamery Co. has been filling their icehouse this week, the ice being 13 inches thick.

Stevens Point- In conversation with Uncle John Stevens, the pioneer resident of the historic “Point” which bears his name, he said, among other things, that a petition had been presented to the Erie Jefferson Branch officials for the erection of a depot at Stevens Point, and that proposition had just been received which he considered very magnanimous on the part of the said officials. The proposition was, if we remember rightly, something to this effect. That the citizens of the Point build a platform, put a waiting room, ticket office, baggage room and freight house upon it and the company would furnish a stove and coal with which to warm the building. “If they’d just added “through the summer months,” said Uncle John, “the offer would have been complete. “I’ve been depot-keeper without any depot or without any salary,” he continued, “ever since the road was built, and I begin to think seriously about tendering my resignation.” His store and dwelling are in close proximity to the spot where the passenger trains stop, and they have always answered the purpose of waiting rooms for the public, which privilege has been generously accorded.

Montrose – Major Geo. H. Whitney commanding 2nd Battalion, 13th Regt., accompanied by his adjutant, Lieut. Detweiler will conduct the Preliminary Inspection of Co. G next Monday evening. The Company has been ordered to assemble in heavy marching order with great coats rolled, accoutrement and clothing put in clean bright order, at 7:30 o’clock. AND The stone Building belonging to Mrs. Watrous on Maple Street, is to be re-modeled into dwelling apartments.

Rush - C.J. Overton, of this place, has a force of men under him who are engaged in distributing packages of Arm & Hammer Soda to each residence in the city of Baltimore.

Hop Bottom–The Literary Society met at the home of Alta Finn, and the evening was spent very pleasantly.

Elk Lake - L.W.T., the Auburn Corners correspondent, has taken the liberty to ask us "if we do not know we are lowered by skating on the Lake.” No, we do not. On the contrary, all fair-minded, moral people consider it a source of pleasant enjoyment.

Alford - There will be an old fashion afternoon at the house of Perry Sweet, Alford, for Rev. G.B. Rogers, on Wednesday, Feb. 14th 1894, all are invited.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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