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February 5 1892/1992

New Milford - The Pratt Library was opened on Saturday and nearly one hundred availed themselves of the golden opportunity of choosing from one of the very best collections of books. The townspeople feet grateful to Mr. Ezra Pratt for the generous gift of one thousand dollars worth of reading matter put up in a pleasing form; also, for the pleasant room provided for the library. Such a man is truly a benefactor.

Clifford - We congratulate comrade A. Harris, of Lenoxville, on his late raise of pension, which was well deserved and much needed, but should have said $24 instead of $17 a month mat would have been nearer right. It would appear that one whose army record [Civil War] is without a flaw for three years, and not able to get out of the house at this time, is entitled to as much as those that are now receiving from $20 to $30 a month and able to earn for $1.50 to $3 a day.

Mud Lake - I have seen nothing in the paper about the aged of our town. Silver Lake. There is a Mrs. Whalen, who is supposed to be over 90 years; a Mrs. Hogan, passed 80 years; Mrs. Diana Hill, 87, and her sister, Mrs. Betsey Hill, aged 75 years. The latter, a very energetic old lady, weaves all the carpet she can get.

Harford - Prof. Clark’s heavy horses took a bath recently, which had not help been promptly at hand, might have been serious. They were driven on Tyler Lake for the purpose of getting ice, when they went through a thin spot of ice, into about eight feet of water.

East Great Bend- Mr. Chas. Brant has made arrangements wherewith he can carry warm water from his house to the barn in an iron pipe, for the benefit of his stock. This is a good idea.

South Birchardville - S.B. Clark owns a cow, which made 240 pounds of butter from April 23 to Jan 23 inclusive. No extra feed was given her, it is said. To do this [he] only allowed good pasture till Oct 19, after which she was fed 10 loads of pumpkins.

Gibson - A dog which is owned and kept in the store of H.A. Barrett, recently gnawed out the lower half of two front windows and broke 11 panes of glass, for what reason this was done we have not yet learned.

Montrose - Those who wish to witness a grand sight should attend the stereopticon exhibition at the M.E. Church next Wednesday evening. The terrible flood of Johnstown will be seen as shown on 250 feet of canvas. The story will be told by a lady who is well calculated to entertain you. Admission, 15 cents, reserved seats, 25 cents, at Sparkes' Drug Store. Don't forget the date; Wednesday evening, Feb 10. The children of the public schools will be admitted for 10 cents each.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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