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February 19 1897/1997

Rush – George Gray is the victim of a logrolling, which smashed his big toe, so that he had to seek the aid of a doctor and a crutch. His neighbors have determined to make a wood bee for him this week.

Oak Hill – John Quinn has purchased an elegant double harness of a firm in Owego.

Hallstead – Benjamin Lawrence had the misfortune to get seriously injured Tuesday morning by being kicked by a horse.

Hop Bottom – Mrs. Perry Sweet, of Alford, took tea with Mrs. J.H. Tiffany the 10th.

Susquehanna – A dynamometer car, used in testing the grades of railroad tracks, is being built in the Erie Shops. AND The Crescent Social Club will hold a hop in the Starrucca House, Feb. 26th. The committee in charge are C.W. Glidden, F.D. Corbin, E.F. Pride, W.C. Evans, W.A. Skinner, H.C. Lisle, J.A. Boydon, M.L. Merier and Chas. E. Whitney.

Brooklyn – Mrs. Emma Shadduck, sister of Miss Lillian Chamberlin, entertained the members of the Ladies' Musical Club of Montrose, of which Lillian is a member, when they formed a merry sleigh load and took a delightful ride to her home. The Mite Society of the M.E. Church met at Mrs. O.M. Dolaway's on Tuesday evening. Milk and hulled corn was served.

Lawsville Centre – Edna Stanford, aged 7 years, only child of Philo and Neil Stanford, died early Monday morning, after a brief illness. The funeral was held Wednesday, the 17th. Rev. Mr. Crompton officiated. Our last week's paper gave an account of the sudden death of Eina Stanford. These two bright little girls were cousins and schoolmates, and they will be greatly missed in our locality.

Hop Bottom – Wanted: A girl to do general housework; middle aged woman preferred. Call on or address Mrs. G.C. Finn.

Herrick Centre – Three sleigh loads from Forest City stopped at Flynn's Hotel Saturday evening.

Herrick – Anyone that has a horse to trade please come to Stanley Norton and James Bigelow. They want to gel some horses. Mr. Swingle thinks he has the best pulling team in the county; Mr. E. Tuttle has the best trotter on the street.

Heart Lake – While plowing ice Monday, W.F. Ransom met with an accident, which might have proved serious, but luckily did not. About 5:30 o'clock the men heard the cry for help, and hurrying to the place found Mr. R.’s team struggling in the water, which was very deep. Through the thoughtfulness of Mr. Whitney ropes were put on the horses early in the afternoon, which probably saved them.

West Lenox – Mrs. James Gow is sick with typhoid fever.

Jackson – Some of those from this place who attended the Baptist Ladies' Aid at Mrs. E. Tingley's enjoyed an old time sleigh ride as a load of some 12 or 18 were overturned in the snow.

Thompson – The Railroad Co. has been filling the milk house with ice which encourages the farmers in this section to hope that some arrangements will be made in the near future for them to deliver their milk here instead of having to carry it to Starrucca.

Auburn – One of P.C. Bushnell's horses had its leg hurt recently and in order to relieve its suffering he had it killed. Jim has been his faithful servant and never known to shrink from duty, for over a dozen years. Both our merchants are without a horse.

Montrose – Last week we mentioned the contest between the Water Co. AND Lawyer D.T. Brewster. Thursday night last four men, acting for the Company, succeeded, after several hours' work, in digging through the frozen ground until the "gate" was found and the water was shut off, the Company thus temporarily gaining its point, but the matter will be settled in the courts later.

Clifford – The Farmers' Alliance is about to start a store in this place. Pull together boys, or you will dissolve.

New Milford – Whitney & Wilder are enlarging their mill, prior to placing a larger engine, when they will be prepared to saw shingles in any amount desired. AND The young men's social club will hold their last dance of the season on Friday evening, Feb. 26th.

Franklin – Sleighing time. People will improve it by drawing wood to Brookdale.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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