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February 17 1893/1993

Hallstead/Great Bend - Text for photo shown with article: Connecting Hallstead to Great" Bend, spanning the Susquehanna River, is the Hallstead Bridge. At one time it was a wooden structure, but is now made of steel. There were many floods in this area, almost one every year. The last big flood was in March of 1948 when the water rose rapidly during the night making it almost impossible for those living in the low, flat lands to move to higher ground and to safety. We are unsure of the date when this picture was taken, but the oil or kerosene lamp in the bottom right-hand corner may provide a clue.

Great Bend - Last Saturday a sleigh containing about a dozen fine looking, well behaved, young ladies from Hickory Grove visited our city/and to all appearances were delighted with the beautiful scenery with which this vicinity abounds.

Harford - R.R. Thatcher was in New Milford on Monday. From 1837 to 1852, with the exception of the years '45, '46, '47, Mr. T. was a permanent resident of that place. The changes in the village in 56 years have not been great.

Montrose - The death of Henry Jackson, a well-known black resident of this borough, occurred at the home of John Stout, on Wednesday. Funeral on Friday.

Forest City - is again troubled by an outbreak of scarlet fever.

South Gibson - The coal question is being greatly agitated at present. The Company met recently and it is reported that nearly $3000 has been signed. Those who are interested in this should help by taking a share.

Lenoxville - Silas Hartley and Albert Aylsworth have returned from Illinois, where they went to investigate about the creamery, well pleased with their trip, and especially with the merits of the creamery. Furthermore, they say it is far ahead of what the agents represented: so look out!. The engine will soon be heard and the cows will be worth all the way from $25 to $60 apiece.

Lanesboro - About half-past 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 4, a collision occurred on the Jefferson branch of the D&H about one mile north of Lanesboro, between trains No. 37 going North and No. 36 South. The trains came together with such force that fourteen cars were demolished. All escaped but engineer Andrew Histed of train 37, who was caught beneath the tank as it capsized. His home was in Carbondale, and he leaves a wife and five children. The loss is estimated at $25,000 to $30,000.

Union Dale - A pole will be raised on Washington's Birthday in honor of Mr. Cleveland's election.

Lawsville - The roads are very slippery. Mr. Wheaton had a load of lumber completely capsize near the corners at Lawsville. The water has run over the road between the schoolhouse and Mr. Lindsley's until it is a perfect glade of ice.

Susquehanna - A serious shooting accident occurred in the Erie yard at this place recently. Hobart Knapp, a car cleaner, was at work in a car, and Garratt Armstrong was in the opposite end of the car examining a revolver. The car moved with a sudden jolt, throwing Armstrong, who as he fell discharged the revolver, the bullet entering Knapp's right side above the ribs.

Susquehanna County - In Susquehanna County there are eight newspapers published. Some of the editors have never seen each other and are of the opinion that it is high time to get acquainted. Would it not be helpful as well as entertaining if a county press club were organized and held meetings at stated intervals. Let Uncle Samuel More or some other persuasive quill driver take hold of the matter. AND right here a word, in casting around for the membership always include Caleb Euripides Whitney, the long haired humorist of the borough of magnificent ascents. AND Itch on human and horses and all animals cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's Saltary Lotion. This never fails. Sold by A.B. Burns, Druggist, Montrose, Pa.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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