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February 14 1896/1996

Herrick - Mrs. W.D. Lloyd and her sister. Miss Maxin, have gone to Pine Inn, South Carolina, for their health.

Springville - The "roller process" buckwheat flour, made at S.D. Thomas' mill, is the finest we ever ale. The cakes we mean.

Elkdale - S.P. Quick's mill is doing a good business, twelve men are employed.

Glenwood - You can get meals and lodging at the Glenwood hotel at reasonable rates. AND Don't forget the campfire at Upper Glenwood next Thursday evening, Feb. 18. Good music, good speakers, recitations and dialogues, also pork and beans, hard tack and coffee, will be the order of the evening.

Little Meadows - It looks now as though the Binghamton electric railroad would be extended to Little Meadows this year.

Brackney - Ben Barney makes very frequent drives to Binghamton to see his, well, to see his mother.

Starrucca - An aged and eccentric Starrucca farmer expresses a desire that when he dies he shall be buried in the corner of his ice house and that a hay cutter, which he has owned for many years, shall be buried with him. How he expects the hay cutter will cut any ice in the hereafter, he does not say.

Susquehanna - A woman giving her name as Kate Campion arrived here on Sunday and registered at a hotel. On Monday she appeared before Justice Williams and asked for the arrest of one Daniel Slinon, whom she alleged had deserted her after promising to marry. He was arrested, and before the magistrate, offered to marry the woman. A license was procured from Montrose on Tuesday, and in the evening the couple were married. AND The Erie's famous red engine No.331 is now black engine 812.

Friendsville - Dr. M.B. Crisman will be in Friendsville, Feb. 18th, at Ryan's Hotel, to extract teeth by the Odontunder process.

South Gibson - Greely Belcher, one of our fine young men, has started for Alaska, where he expects to join his brother Frank, who has been there for several years and is engaged in mining gold. He will visit his brother, Oscar, in Washington territory, on his way. May success crown his undertaking.

Birchardville - F.H. Ball is hauling wood for the school.

Brandt - The stockholders of the American Chair Co., from Scranton, were in town on business, Friday.

Montrose - A goodly fall of snow on Sunday has formed excellent sleighing. This is a great boon to business of every kind, and is being made good use of.

Forest City- The Forest City Maennerchor will hold its annual masquerade ball on St. Valentine's Day. It promises to be a very successful social event. Julius Mull, the Honesdale costumer, will furnish suits and masks. The ball will take place at the Davis opera house and the Germania orchestra, of Carbondale, will furnish music. St. Valentine's Day will be here next Friday. The day is named in honor of a Saint [Valentine] who was beheaded at Rome in A.D. 270, during the reign of the emperor Claudius, the angered Roman authorities by marrying couples despite a ban that unattached men be available for military duty. He is recorded as "a man of most admirable parts, famous for his love and charity," and it was from his trails of character that the custom of choosing valentines is said to have emanated. An old tradition was that birds chose their mates on this day, and the custom was also derived partly from a practice, of ancient Rome, at the festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated in February, when young women placed their names in a box from which they were drawn by the young men according to chance, and the two whose names were thus linked together would, for the time being, become each other's Valentine. The custom was varied from time to time, but its significance remains the same today, no more, no less.

News Briefs: It is stated that hoop shirts and bustles will be in style again next summer. Ladies, don't you countenance them. Just think how you would look in a hammock.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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