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February 06 1920/2020

North Bridgewater – Not only is James H. Clough a man who believes in up-to-date equipment for his farm, but is equally interested in saving labor in the home, having recently purchased a May-Tag washing machine and wringer, complete with individual gasoline engine power plant, for his good wife. “Jim” says, “it will wash almost any old thing but his sheep.”—and that the proverbial “blue Monday” has been banished. The May-Tag washing machine is sold by E. D. Snyder, of Brooklyn, PA.

Forest City – Rev. J. Tomsic, who for the past 17 years has been pastor of St Joseph’s church, tendered his resignation as pastor to the congregation last Sunday morning. Rev. Tomsic was in charge of the only Slovenian Catholic church in the Scranton Diocese. ALSO The Forest City police are preparing for their annual ball which is to take place in the borough hall on Easter Monday evening. It promises to be a function of more than usual interest and the guardians of safety will aim to please the public.

Dimock – James Calby is one of the carpenters of the county who is kept on “the jump,” but during the winter he does a big business cutting ice, having special equipment for the work, gasoline engine power supplanting the reliable, but slower horse. He cut 120 loads in one day for E. P. Brown, of Louden Hill Farm, one day last winter. This is goin’ some. ALSO Leon Stone is ill with the “Flu.” Judson Bell is driving Mr. Stone’s kid wagon, while Fred Bunnell is driving Mr. Bell’s.

Thompson – A host of people are talking “Florida.” About one more winter like this, with coal prices soaring like all the rest, Thompson will practically be deserted. There will be a regular exodus for the South, then who’ll smile? Plenty of work in Florida; good wages and summer weather and a good time all the while.

Hop Bottom – Mrs. George Stewart passed away Sunday morning, following a short illness with pneumonia. The family is sadly afflicted, three little children being left, the youngest only six months old. Several in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown, the parents of Mrs. Stewart, are ill at the same time with “flu.”

Ararat – On Sunday, January 25, Rev. R. H. Fisk traveled over snow bound roads and preached three times to congregations at Maplegrove, Clinton Center and Herrick Center. He traveled about 30 miles to fill his appointments all of which he reached on time.

West Clifford – A sleigh ride party of 15 from Carbondale were served a chicken supper at the home of C. P. Chamberlin, on Saturday evening. When they started for home the thermometer registered 22 below zero.

Montrose – Ward Breese has sold H. S. Patrick a Delco Lighting plant, which will be installed this week. It will furnish lights for Mr. Patrick’s bowling alley and cigar store.

Fiddle Lake – O. P. Walker had the misfortune to have one of his best high grade cows get her leg broke causing her to be killed. Quite a large loss as cows are very high.

Fair Hill – M. N. Seeley and Myron Green filled their ice house last week with a good quality of ice from Forest Lake. ALSO We sure have had some drifts here on the hill, but the roads were opened last Wednesday by doing some hard shoveling.

Uniondale – O. M. Spoor for nearly 30 years has been a section foreman on the O & W Railroad and last Saturday was the first day in that time in which his men could not work on account of cold. They had to return home after being out but a short time.

Brackney – Tracey Gage, who sold his farm last fall to Mr. Gibson, of Yonkers, NY, has purchased the Gage homestead and moved there last week. Mrs. Gage closed her school last week on account of moving.

Kingsley – Recent purchasers of Overland Four cars through the Fred E. Tyler Agency, are George Tyler and Guy Palmer, both of Kingsley. Mr. Tyler expects to receive a carload of “fours” very soon.

Lanesboro – Lanesboro will hold a special election on March 29 to decide the question of bonding the borough for $15,000 to build paved streets. Montrose paved some streets two years ago, also New Milford. Both towns are glad they took the step.

Elk Lake – Chas. E. Lathrop of Elk Lake, was among the Democrat’s valued callers yesterday morning. He says the lowest temperature at Elk Lake, so far as reported during the recent cold snap, was 16 below zero, though the mercury got as low as 21 degrees below zero at Dimock and other places.

Susquehanna – E. L. Allen, a native of Susquehanna and one of the well-known cigar manufacturers, died at his home in Binghamton, Saturday evening, after an illness of only a few hours. Mr. Allen was born in Susquehanna 62 years ago, the son of the late Joseph Allen, for many years proprietor of the Central Hotel in this place. E. L. Allen learned the cigar makers trade, was located in New York and other cities, and a few years ago returned to Susquehanna, establishing a factory on East Main St.  Unable to secure help there, he removed to Binghamton. He is survived by his widow and one brother, Joseph Allen, of Scranton.

Lynn, Springville Twp. – The Baker creamery has been doing business again for the last two weeks, which seems like old times. Daniel Davis is buttermaker.

Jackson – Ed Carpenter, the stage driver, is making his round trip daily and on time, during our severe winter weather. ALSO Chicken pox and whooping cough seem to be the prevailing diseases among the children of this community.

Glenwood – The Leap Year social held, at the Grange hall, was largely attended. A fine supper was served by the gentlemen. As it is Leap Year, the ladies paid the bill. A very enjoyable time was spent.

East Rush – Thomas Ray Chase and a friend of his, from Scranton, braved the cold and paid his father and mother a visit over Sunday. “Tom” rather likes to get some of the city fellows out in the country in the winter time and show them how we farmers have it.

New Milford – Miss Elizabeth Grennell, who taught the 5th and 6th grades for two weeks, when her sister, Blanche, had mumps, is now teaching 7th and 8th grades for Miss Maher, who has the mumps.

Brooklyn – The Senior Class of the High School expect to give their play on Feb. 27th. Proceeds are to be given to start a fund for a new school house.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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