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December 8 1893/1993

New Milford - The New Milford Advertiser says that the viewers of the new iron bridge would not accept the bridge.

Great Bend - Our citizens were greatly startled last Thursday by the report of an explosion, which shook the houses and jarred crockery from the shelves. It was the wonder for many hours until the news was wafted down from Mingo Lake that the water works tunnel was completed and the boys had exploded a barrel full of dynamite celebrating the event. It was right and proper that the event should be heralded in some uncommon way expressive of the victory over discouraging circumstances under which the work has been carried on. When the work was commenced last spring the prospects were flattering for a quick and successful job, but before the workmen had gone any great distance a hard rocky substance was encountered; a little farther in this rock became more hard and was almost as difficult to work as granite. Then came the difficulty from foul air and a little later the sad accident from suffocation, resulting in the death of one of the workmen, as mentioned at the time. Next the company attempted to secure ventilation by the use of a fan with which to blow out the impure air. It has been a hard and difficult work but true grit has won the victory. The engineering and entire work is most creditable to all concerned. The tunnel cost about $10,000.

Oakland - The Susquehanna and Oakland Poor Asylum has been provided with water works and steam heat, and the Susquehanna Journal says that if the directors keep on improving the place everyone will want to go there to reside.

Hop Bottom - Boys if you don't want your fingers pinched in the door keep away from the depot nights when you should be home.

Forest Lake - Mr. Dennis Reardon purchased a new set of light harness for the sum of $30. Hold the reins with both hands, Dennis.

Dimock - There is an elegant quilt on chance at the P. of G. Hall, which will be given to the lucky one at the social to be held at the Hall Thursday night, December 14th. Come one, come all and try your luck. Tickets for sale at the President's, J.F. Wanick's, at 10 cents each.

East Lenox - On a recent visit to Brooklyn, this county, your correspondent noticed a marble slab recently erected to the memory of our great, great grandparents, Isaac Tewksbury who died in 1813, also his wife, Judith Sargeant, who died 1824—natives of Amesbury, Vt. This slab was erected by Frank Tewksbury, now a native of the West, and a great grandson of deceased. The date of their birth could not be learned.

Susquehanna - "E.B. Thomas" locomotive passes through. [This locomotive had also been at the Chicago fair and was financed by a group of Erie engineers. The Erie did not buy it at the time as stated, but several years later. It ran on the Jeff "flyer" for quite a while].

South Gibson - Some having very good luck catching fish through the ice. It is thought by some, that it is more enjoyable fishing through ice, than from the boat or shore.

Silver Lake - A good deal of conjecture as to what a cavy might be is solved by consulting Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

Montrose - About five inches of snow fell Saturday night last, and as a result the sleigh bells have been jingling merrily during the week. Tuesday morning the mercury registered three below zero at Binghamton, while at Montrose [the coldest place on earth according to our exchanges] it stood at ten above.

Susquehanna County - Women can now vote in Colorado at all elections on exactly the same status as men. The governor has issued his proclamation declaring the female suffrage amendment adopted. AND The actual cost of mining a ton of anthracite coal is said to be $1.00. AND The wife and seven children of William Hooven, who started to push a wheelbarrow around the world, nearly a year ago, are on the point of starvation at their home near Curwensville, Pa.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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