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December 5 1890/1990

Thompson - Uncle Ira Hine has taken unto himself a wife the widow Potter. They were married Thanksgiving.

Stevens Point [Harmony Twp.] - It is reported that there are two cases of black diphtheria within the borders of our mountain hamlet.

Lawsville Center- A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Newton died last week, of scarlet fever, which makes the third time, that death has claimed their last child.

Susquehanna - Don't play cards for money and "drinks," but you want refined sport and intelligent exercise, go to Ives Billiard Parlors, Exchange Street. No intoxicants sold, no rowdyism tolerated, but a place where any gentleman can bring his friends for an hour's quiet amusement. Everything first class-newly refitted. Prop. Alex Ives.

Lathrop - R.S. Squires is building a carp pond. Jasper Williams one of six acres.

Harford - The hunters from this place returned home from Sullivan County, Nov. 24, and all report a pleasant time.

Dimock - Arthur Ely killed eight rabbits on his way to school. Who can beat that?

Clifford - Coming events in store: GAR entertainment on the 20th. Among the musical talent is Miss Grace Decker, the Simpson Bros., and Master Van Crandall, of Union Dale. Among the literary talent are Misses Maud Steward, Libbie Millard, and others. Also Christmas trees at the churches, and entertainment by the Bell Brigade, and Star Cornet Band on New Year's.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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