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December 31 1891/1991

Lawsville - Mrs. Tompkins will dispose of her mill property on very reasonable terms. This is a rare chance, because she offers the flour mill and saw mill and the house and land for much less money than it alone cost to build the mill, which has only been built some eight years.

Flynn [Middletown Twp] - There were ten rounds fought to a finish on our school grounds the other day. The combatants we call Sullivan and Mitchel Sullivan is nine-yrs old and weighs 70 pounds, and had no backing. Mitchel is twelve years old and weighs seventy-five pounds, and was backed by the highest authority on the grounds. The fight was a draw. They are good friends now, and the teacher is happy.

Gunn Hill [Lenox Twp] - Some sneak thief or thieves made a visit to J.E. Davis on Saturday night last, taking some $7 worth of furs, and broke into Frank Tuttle's shop, taking a gun belonging to Will Westgate. Messrs. Davis and Westgate started in pursuit on Sunday morning and have not returned at this writing.

Birchardville - M.L. Ball feels it not only a duty but a great pleasure to extend his thanks to the donors of the presents on the Christmas tree and especially to those that presented him with a rabbit. It was somewhat deformed, but very valuable and highly appreciated. Peace and good will to all men, wishing everybody a happy new year, and especially those that made him a present of the rabbit.

Lanesboro - There were 247,000 feet of lumber used in the trestling at the Lanesboro Bridge. The new iron bridge being put in and now nearly completed will be 55 feet high in the middle and 464 feet long. The Union Bridge Company is doing the work. The bridge will have four spans, each of 186 tons weight. It is made of steel and wrought iron, joined together with great steel pins.

Clifford - Robert and Frank Simpson, of Bucknell, Johnie Hallstead and Miss Kate Gardner of Factoryville, Fred Lee of Wood's Business College and Frank Homan are students spending their vacation in this place, with parents and friends. They are warmly welcomed by all.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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