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December 30 1892/1992

Harford - Mordecai Tanner's had a family gathering at their home, Saturday, 24th. There were seven of the nine children and their families present. The weather was severe, but their hearts were warm, so they enjoyed a real old-fashioned Christmas. AND Mrs. Daniel Farrar, good Aunt Sarah, was mourning last Friday afternoon to the past and the dear ones gone, when all unexpectedly her son, Payson Brainard of Harpursville, NY, drove up with all his family, wife and four children. The good woman was almost beside herself with joy. The next day all met at Harry Estabrook’s where an oyster supper and a Christmas tree were incidents of the occasion, gifts and appreciation. Every living member of her family present. The son returns to his home this week. And so, dear Aunt Sarah has had crowded into the holidays more joy than usually fell to her lot; full of work, care and the pains incident to old age.

Montrose - The dry goods store of H.P. Read had a narrow escape from destruction by fire Saturday evening last. One of the windows had been decorated with a small Christmas tree, which took fire from the candle stand burned fiercely. The flames were subdued by the aid of a hand fire extinguisher before an alarm was given. The goods in the window were badly damaged and the large plate glass in front cracked in several places.

News Briefs - The young men and young women who aspire to obtain Academic or College educations, and whose parents cannot well afford them that expense, will be interested in the work of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, which has offered for the year 1893 one thousand scholarships at any of the leading colleges or schools of the United States, upon the condition of introducing the magazine into certain neighborhoods. Yale, Vassar, Harvard, Ann Arbor, Chicago, the Southern colleges, the great schools of art and medicine, all are alike open to the ambitious boy or girl who is not afraid of a little earnest work. The Cosmopolitan sends out from its New York office a handsomely printed pamphlet to any applicant, telling just what is necessary in order secure one of these scholarships. The scholarship itself includes board, lodging, laundry and tuition, all free.

Silver Lake - Severe cold weather, the mercury below zero on the morning of the 26-27. The dwellers around the Lake are gathering in their ice. It is 8-10 inches thick, clear and solid.

South Gibson - The Temperance Union held a session last Sabbath evening. A good programme was presented. The recitation by Miss Anna Quinlan of Harford, was greatly appreciated. A resolution was read and adopted that we petition the court of this county, to refuse to grant a license for selling intoxicating liquors within the township of Gibson.

Thompson -The winter thus far has been rather unfavorable for teaming with us, but over in Wayne county they are having first rate sleighing, snow about two feet deep.

News Briefs - A local newspaper is often accused of bias in regard to giving personal notices, of mentioning the coming and going of some and omitting others. The fault is with the people and not the editor. He is always willing, and even anxious to tell who comes and who goes if he can find out. If you have visitors, let us know who they are and where they came from; if anything happens in your vicinity, let us know about it, it there is a party at your house, furnish us with the names of those present; it you get married, let us know; if you know anything of news, let us know about it. You will find us ready to "notice" one as another, patrons or otherwise, friends or foes. Our object is to give the news.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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