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December 28 1923/2023

Montrose – There was a large attendance at the Community Christmas Tree, Tuesday evening, and despite the brisk wintery atmosphere the large crowd enjoyed the open-air exercises. The community singing of carols was an enjoyable feature and was entered into heartily. Many members of the church choirs and the Symphony Male Chorus formed a nucleus for singing. ALSO Despite the rain of Sunday afternoon there was a good-sized audience to hear the Presbyterian choir render the cantata, “The Birth of Christ,” by Alfred Wooler, and under the direction of Mrs. D. A. Watrous. The soloists were: Mrs. Allan Rosendale, Misses Rena and Ruth Payne, Stewart Payne, W. W. King and Hilbert Melhuish. ALSO Earl Rice was operated upon for appendicitis at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rice, Prospect Street, Monday night. The operation was performed by Dr. Peck, of Scranton, and the young boy is doing nicely.

Dimock – Earle Sherman, herdsman of Louden Hlll farm, near Dimock, had a narrow escape from death or serious injury, Sunday. A Ford touring car, which he was driving, was struck by a Lehigh Valley train at the Louden Hill crossing, hurling the automobile through the small station, wrecking the car and severely bruising Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sherman was driving towards the crossing when he noticed the locomotive switching cars and proceeded to use caution in approaching the tracks. One of the trainmen, believing that he would be able to cross without difficulty, signaled him to cross over. About that time the engine started to back towards the crossing and before Mr. Sherman could steer the car from the track the train struck, pushing the automobile along the rails and into the station. Those nearby rushed to Mr. Sherman’s aid and Dr. Gardner was summoned from Montrose and dressed the young man’s injuries. He had no internal injuries.

Susquehanna – Albert Hubbard, a Susquehanna boy, now a student at Harvard, has been given a place as guard on the All-American football team of 1923. His picture appeared in New York papers on Saturday. He is the son of Howard Hubbard, who was round-house foreman while a resident of Susquehanna.

Forest City – Christmas was celebrated with the usual round of events long associated with the Yuletide season. Social events and family gatherings were frequent. Although the early part of the day lacked that proverbial “blanket of snow,” the weatherman, in the late afternoon, carpeted the earth with snow, making a real Christmas. In the various Catholic churches masses were celebrated both at midnight and in the morning hours. The Protestant churches held a union meeting in Christ Church. ALSO Hopes of liquid refreshments at the Yuletide went glimmering to a number who were halted in their work of making a home brand of “moonshine” by police on Friday. A number of State troopers, known as the “flying squadron,” made a raid on fifteen Forest City alleged infractors of the prohibition law. The men were all held for hearing. ALSO Sheriff elect, W. J. McLaughlin, was in Montrose moving some of his household goods to the jail, preparatory to serving a four-year term beginning Jan 1. The new family in the jail is reminiscent of the days when Sheriffs Leonard, Miller, Brush, Foran, Maxey, et. al., held sway as Sheriff McLaughlin has a wife and five children. As “Billy” Maxey says, “It’s a good Forest City sized family.”

Lenox Twp. – George Barney, a veteran of the Civil War and a fine type of citizen, died at the home of his brother, A. P. Barney, on Tuesday, December 18. Mr. Barney, who was a brother of the late E. N Barney, of Montrose, was in Montrose a few weeks ago when on route to Lenox to spend the winter. He was in a very weakened condition at the time. George was a member of the United States Signal Corps during the war.

Thompson – Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lewis are having an electric light plant installed in their home. ALSO Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wrighter were tendered a surprise party by their friends in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary.

New Milford – Among the students home for the Christmas vacation are: Dorothy Snyder, Howard Morgan, Neal Harris and Sherman Lewis, of Syracuse University; Doris Morse, of Bloomsburg; Williston Chamberlain, Carson Long Institute; Earnest Decker, of Bucknell University; Mildred and Ruth Norris, of Philadelphia, and Marcus Blair, of Buffalo.

Brooklyn – The Community Christmas exercises were well attended in spite of the rain, and a most pleasing program was rendered. Carols were sung by a choir of about thirty young people, some recitations and exercises by the children, and a most interesting cantata, “The Love Stamp,” which taught the true spirit of Christmas.

Harford – O. F. Maynard has a radio in his store, which gives some very fine entertainments. ALSO Hammond Harding had the misfortune to break his wrist while cranking his car.

Uniondale – George Reynolds has sold what is known as the Chandler farm on East Mountain, to D. B. Gibson, who will use it for pasture purposes.

Clifford – Mr. Spedding, in addition to raising 1,000 bushels of potatoes on his Clifford farm, had seventy-six turkeys on the market this fall. He has probably the largest dairy in the township and his milk checks are good to behold.

News Brief: Clues are being followed which are expected to uncover a coal-region whiskey syndicate, said to have made millions in the region of Pottsville. It is believed whiskey is being brought in automobiles, occupied by women and children, as well as men, in family parties, which the police do not wish to hold up without warrants.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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