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December 28 1894/1994

Rush - The new uniforms of the Rush Cornet Band are of dark green with gold braid trimmings and are very nobby affairs. The boys look well in them. They wore them to the Fair of the Brain trim Band, where they made a very favorable impression, both for their appearance and skill.

Lindaville - Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Whitman entertained a number of friends and relatives at their home Christmas day. Dinner was served from 12 am until 5 p.m., in the evening. A beautiful Christmas tree was lit up, where on a fine display of presents were. Which filled the hearts of the young and old with gladness, and a merry laughter began with each, it was not until all became still before the presents was given to each one when another laughter began. So the time came to a close and each one left for their home after spending a very enjoyable day and wishing Mr. & Mrs. Whitman and family a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Franklin Forks -The wood bee for the church was well attended, as such things usually are here. The teams came well loaded with wood, some of it was ready for the stove, others drew it in poles, but there were men on hand with axes and saws, and at three in the afternoon had about 15 cords of wood cut and piled. The ladies furnished dinner for all who would partake, at the home of Mrs. Mira Beebe.

Harford - There are several homes made bright and glad by the return of the young people to their homes from schools where they are acting as pupils or teachers. Among them are: James and Anna Adams, Ruth Ransom, Jennie More, Minnie Steams and Fannie Gillespie from the Mansfield State Normal School; Addie Jeffers and Sophia from Wyoming Seminary; and Henry Jeffers from Cornell University; Lizzie Alexander and Anna Adams, teachers from Hallstead; and Carrie Williams of Scranton.

Jackson - N.K. Lowe and wife entertained their relatives with a spider web Xmas tree. There was many a laugh as they followed the tangled web to the place of concealment. Some would be seen winding their way with great difficulty to the coal bin, to the barn, woodhouse, ash heap, or down cellar, while others would be struggling with "their web” through some window, endeavoring to find the end and obtain their treasure. Others would be seen digging down in the snow for theirs, and all would return to the house with shouts of laughter. There was much enjoyment in their sport, and all separated for their different homes, with happiness in each heart, feeling that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Susquehanna - Mr. Wood, of Susquehanna, has taken the Susquehanna South Gibson stage route.

Montrose - Our merchants report a very good holiday trade this year. Since the sweeping Republican victories at the last election, people have taken courage and dared to spend their money with the old time liberality.

Heart Lake - Joel Griffing and son will erect a building in the rear of Capt. Ainey’s cottage at Heart Lake to be used as a feed and grocery store. They have the ground already broken for the purpose.

South Gibson - The young people (and some older) of this place have been enjoying the skating on Harpers pond for the last week. Among the fancy skaters were noticed E.C. Lake and Will Fish. They can "get there" every time.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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