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December 27 1912/2012

Nicholson - Meler Bossar and Steve Rockas, laborers employed on the Lackawanna Railroad cut--off near Nicholson, fought a duel with revolvers in a commissary shack, both being fatally wounded. The quarrel was the result of a pay day spree. The two men fired eight shots, and as they stood only a few feet apart, every shot went true. Rockas died soon after the shooting, having three bullets in his body. Bossar, with five bullets in him, was taken on the evening train to the State hospital in Scranton, where he died the same evening.

Brooklyn/Springville - About 40 members of Maple Lodge No. 932, I.O.O.F., of Springville, paid a fraternal visit to Brooklyn Lodge last week, ,and the degree team of Maple Lodge conferred the 2nd degree on a candidate. A chicken pie supper was served to the visitors in Village hall by members of Sunlight Lodge. After an interesting session, refreshments were served in Odd Fellows hall by the brothers and a social good time enjoyed. Dr. Diller, Homer Young and two or three automobile enthusiasts endeavored to make the trip in one of those fine cars, of which Springville has many, but failed. They chartered a team to bring them the rest of the way, and this did not prove successful, for the horse fell down and broke the harness, etc., but by using their natural motive power the unfortunate brothers reached their destination about one hour after the rest had been served supper. Nevertheless, they were well taken care of, but Dr. Diller was so used up he was unable to respond in his usual happy form of speech.

Herrick Center - Misses Alice and Martha McPherson and Lillian Breese have taken rooms in the Tingley tenant house in order that they may attend school more easily.

Harford - Dec. 16 being Hollis Bailey’s 61st birthday, Mrs. Bailey decided to give him a surprise party, so she invited a few friends and neighbors to spend the day at her home. It was a complete surprise to Mr. Bailey. A splendid dinner was served. The table was loaded with fruits of all kinds, with a large fruit basket in the center. Oysters, turkey, salmon, roasted rabbit, ice cream and cake were served, besides a number of other good things. After dinner, Mr. Bailey took the men into the parlor for a smoke and the ladies enjoyed themselves in different ways. A very nice chair was presented to Mr. Bailey as a memento of the occasion. There was singing, with music on the organ and piano, and all departed for their homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Bailey a good many more birthdays and lots of happiness.

Lanesboro - Sunday morning, shortly before 4 o’clock, fire broke out in the upper store of Buckley Bros and before the flames could be subdued the building was a complete wreck. The store was filled with an extra large stock preparatory for the holiday trade and was not insured for hardly ½ its value. There appears to be some mystery as to the manner in which the fire started and it looks clearly like a case of incendiarism. It appears the fire started on the front corner of the building and under the porch. The Lanesboro fire department responded and in less than half an hour were on the scene. There is a story going the rounds that may be worth investigating and that is that two of the men who were arrested and sent to jail last spring were seen hanging around the depot and other places in the vicinity of the store and the talk is that firebug work might have been theirs in revenge for being sent to jail. It also might have been the work of the burglars as a box of oranges was found not far from the store. Buckley Bros. could not identify the oranges although they said they might be some of the new lot that had never been unpacked. The building, one of the old landmarks, having been built in 1846 by a man named Tremain, had been used for mercantile purposes ever since that time.

Royal, Clifford Twp. - Mrs. Grace Severance, postmistress, died late Friday night after a brief illness. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon. She was the widow of Postmaster Arthur C. Severance, who was killed by an engine crashing into his automobile while crossing the railroad tracks in Scranton, on the night of May 26 last.

Montrose - Information is always valuable, for which reason we desire to mention an industry here which, possibly, is known to only a few. It is the cutglass works of L. P. Mahon, in the Post building, back of Mrs. James’ millinery store. Mr. Mahon is an expert, and like all experts has made of his profession an art. Beautiful pieces, cut from the latest designs known to this art, line his shelves and orders are filled with promptitude and excellency.

Hopbottom - A short vacation on the cut--off has given us a cessation of the constant racket from blasting, which keeps sensitive people in a state of nervous tension, although thus far a few broken windows is about the only damage done.

Highlands, New Milford Twp. - Our school teacher, Miss Carrie Sandell, had a Christmas tree and exercises on Saturday evening at the schoolhouse.

Gibson - Curtis Howell and Mrs. Sabra Carpenter, both 93 years of age, are the oldest residents of Gibson.

Brushville - Christmas exercises will be held at the church Christmas Eve. ALSO Strawberry blossoms were picked in good condition on Dec. 15.

Choconut Valley - The Choconut Valley creamery closed on Monday, Dec. 16th. James Sweeney, who has been running the creamery the past year, has gone to his home in Silver Lake.

North Bridgewater - Veterinary E. A. Hollister met with a severe accident, which might have been fatal, while treating a horse on the Stone farm, at Fairdale, last Saturday. He was hit by the animal, cutting his head and face and loosened five teeth.

Auburn 4 Corners - M. L. Lake shipped several tons of poultry down the valley last week.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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