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December 23 1899/1999

Herrick Centre - Some of our young people went over to Welsh Hill on Monday night to see the ship that had just arrived from Wales laden with Christmas present[s].

Jackson - H. M. Benson has taken a course of instruction in embalming, at Scranton, under the instruction of Prof. F. A. Sullivan.

Brushville - Ground is broken for a new Baptist church at Brushville, and the building is to be completed in 1900.

Glenwood - The Christmas Tree at Mrs. Grow's chapel, Monday evening, was a grand affair. The house was neatly decorated and the tree was a thing of beauty heavily laden with presents. Dialogues, recitations and singing were participated in and the Lenox cornet band added much to the occasion.

Forest City - Forest City will establish a high school for the use of pupils who are unable to attend school during regular school hours. The school to be kept open at least two hours each evening.

Susquehanna - Prof. Flood, of Binghamton, will organize a dancing class in Susquehanna, January 5th. AND - George H. Downing, of Binghamton, is organizing a class in voice culture, in this place. AND - Beginning early in January, all of the printing for the Erie Railway will be performed in Susquehanna. A plant will be established in the Erie shop, and it is reported that 25 men and women will be employed to do the work at the start. The work will be done by contract. It is now performed in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere.

Brooklyn - Mr. Bedell and Miss Lena Miller were married on Christmas day at the home of the bride's parents. Rev. Bedell, of Syracuse, a brother of the groom officiated. Congratulations.

Montrose - The streets were particularly full of Christmas shoppers Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week. And there were not a few weary looking faces among them with a sort of "I'll be glad when this Christmas-hunting time is o'er" appearance.

Lakeside - F. R. Tiffany has bought the stage business between Kingsley and Gibson.

Hopbottom - C. Stone has his windmill erected and will have clear spring water throughout his hotel.

New Milford - M. J. Crane, who has been a resident of New Milford for more than 25 years, has disposed of his interest and moved his family to Scranton. F. D. Oliver has leased the place vacated by Mr. Crane and will conduct an eating house.

Auburn - The Auburn Four Corners Creamery Co. recently elected the following officers - Directors Ernest Lott, John Adams, Raville Harris, H. E. Young and G. W. Bunnell; president, Ernest Lott; secretary, G. W. Bunnell; treasurer, E. L. Adams.

Great Bend - What came very near being another horrible accident was narrowly averted last Thursday afternoon, the particulars of which are as follows - Mrs. Henry Deakin and Miss Mercy Ann Stoddard, of Franklin Township, were driving a one-horse rig approaching the Erie crossing. As they came near the crossing they did not notice any train in sight, and started up, expecting to drive across the tracks. It so happened that express train No. 8 was late and that she was being run with extra speed, endeavoring to make up lost time and we may imagine the feeling of Engineer Dana Welsh when, at the instant he swung around the curve, he saw, at the exact point where he almost lost his life in a wreck a few months before, two women in a closed carriage about to drive to sure death in front of his engine. He had only time to blow the danger signal before he was at the crossing, and by good fortune he reached that point just ahead of the horse, who, as he came almost in touch with the engine, plunged down the embankment to the left, overturning the carriage and throwing out the occupants and plowing through a fence at the foot of the bank. Witnesses to the narrow escape hurried to the spot to assist the ladies, who fortunately were not injured, aside from a few bruises. The horse, which was down and tangled up in the harness, was not hurt, and the wagon though broken and marred, was patched up so the ladies were enabled to drive home. And two more nervous people it would be difficult to find. They had started for Great Bend to purchase holiday goods, but returned to Franklin satisfied with one day's experience.

Uniondale - The barn on the farm owned by Miss Annie Burritt was destroyed by fire on Wednesday. Cause of fire is unknown. The barn was unused except for storage and nothing of value was destroyed except the hearse belonging to undertaker, H. J. Orce.

Lake-A-Meadows - Mrs. Anna Bowen and family have moved to Warren Centre. She will open a dress-making establishment and the children will attend the Graded School.

Clifford - Hotel Clifford has a new cook. Fish at the table every meal. AND - Stephen Green died Dec. 13, 1899. Funeral at his home Dec. 16. Rev. Wm. Miller conducted and preached an able and very instructive sermon. Interment in the Clifford cemetery. Among the bearers were two of his childhood schoolmates of his own age, Nelson Spedding and T. J. Wells. We think there is but three more living at the present time - Jackson Thatcher, Alfred Baker and George Hull. Mr. Green was 64 years, 10 months and 10 days old and was one of Clifford's best citizens, honest, upright, industrious, and a hard worker, beloved and respected by everybody that knew him. His death takes from Clifford township an Auditor. He leaves to mourn their loss a wife, one daughter, two brothers and everybody that knew him.

Shew and Eagan - The Board of Pardons denied a re-hearing in the case of Shew and Eagan for the murder of Jackson Pepper. Preparations for the execution, on Jan. 9, will now proceed.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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