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December 23 1892/1992

Herrick - In addition to the discovery of a six foot vein of coal at Herrick, extending from the Lackawanna and Susquehanna field westward, it is reported that a four foot vein has been discovered at the State line, five miles from here on the & road, at a point dividing the States of Pennsylvania and New York.

Susquehanna - The Baptists have put new stained glass windows in their church. AND A desperate battle occurred between five officers and a gang of twenty-five tramps at Susquehanna on Wednesday evening. The tramps had burglarized a store in that place and were followed to an old barn by four officers and an Erie detective. When the representatives of the law attempted to arrest them, the tramps opened fire, about forty shots being exchanged. Officer John Frawleigh was shot through the cheek and in the shoulder. The tramps escaped, one of them being afterward arrested at Binghamton.

Montrose - The store windows of Montrose are brilliant with seasonable suggestions of the coming of Santa Claus. No matter how old the world may grow the spirit of Christmas is always young, buoyant and delightful and as full of pleasure for the children as it was centuries ago.

Hop Bottom - The weeping and wailing time up at O.D. Roberts was occasioned by the death of Old Pet. The good old horse was nearly thirty years old, fat and nice, but had the particular failing that when she laid down to rest she wanted help to get up. O.D. got sick of it. AND The Swiss Bell Ringers entertainment, held at the Universalist Church last week, was very good.

Gibson - A "Mush and Milk" supper was given by the M.E. Sunday School on the evening of the 7th. Proceeds $8.00.

Auburn Centre - Anyone in need of harness will do well to call upon F.A. Sturdevant, who sells so cheap that people come here from oilier towns to buy.

Harford - The Harford Soldiers' Orphan School is to give, this [Friday] evening, Dec 23rd, at the S.O, School, a Christmas Mask, which will be new and novel. Costumes to be furnished by John F. Fainwholt, of Scranton. A general invitation extended.

Union Dale - While P.H. Flynn was taking two of his children for a sleigh ride and to give his fine horse a little exercise, all went well till about half way to Uniondale, when one side of the thrills came loose from the sleigh and caused a little side motion, when accidentally Mr. Flynn got out, and his horse, not caring to wait for him, went on with the children. The older boy, about 7 or 8 years old, soon jumped out, and away went the horse with the other little fellow, probably about two or three years old. When the horse had gone about one mile, he concluded to stop at Isaac Curtis, Uniondale, for dinner, it being a good place to stop; so the horse turned rather short and that caused the little bright-eyed boy, with the buffaloes [robes] and wraps, to roll out first before the sleigh struck the lamp post and the horse piled up on a fence corner, no damage. The little boy, being kindly cared for by Mrs. Curtis and her neighbors, carried a slight red spot on his forehead, which a kiss by his mamma, when he gets home, will quickly cure. Here comes Mr. Flynn, hatless, did not stop to find his $2 hat, breathing twice at once. He was told that his boy was all right and wasn't hurt, so he soon breathed natural again. A friend freely offered him another cutter to take his children home and so he went away rejoicing.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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