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December 21 1894/1994

Montrose - The ice on Jones Lake is about four inches thick and the excellent skating is being taken advantage of by large numbers of the boys and girls.

Forest Lake -Patrick Griffin, of Forest Lake township, will be 91 years old the 8th day of March, 1895, if he shall live to that time, and has always voted the Democratic ticket, he says he never took a dollars worth of medicine in his life and he is usually active for an old gentleman. Here’s wishing Mr. Griffin many Years, yet of life.

Tingley - Ground has been broken at Tingley for a new creamery. It will be built by Ketchum & Wicks, proprietors of the Heart Lake creamery, and will be located on the land of F.J. Tingley, adjoining the mill yard on the South. The farmers of that section are enthusiastic over the enterprise.

Lawsville - There will be a Christmas tree at Lawsville Christmas Eve. It will pay you to go and hear the music even if you don’t receive a gift.

Clifford - On the 24th Rev. Geo. C. Bundick [Burdick?] will start for North Carolina. He will be absent about two weeks. On his return he will be accompanied by a wife. A reception will be held at the parsonage.

Jackson - The diphtheria epidemic is spreading.

South Gibson - Marsh Henry had the misfortune to cut his foot this week, and is now confined to the house. His neighbors very kindly made him a pound party on Saturday evening.

News Briefs: Beautiful weather during the most of December, whereas the alleged "weather prophets" said the month would be a terribly severe one. If there is any one thing in this world that can’t be depended upon, it’s the guesses of the weather prophets, for they are simply guesses, and one man’s guess is as good as another’s. There is nothing of any value in any of those who make the long-range prophecies. The weather forecasts of government officials covering 24 to 48 hours are in the main to be depended upon.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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