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December 17 1891/1991

Montrose - The annual rental of the pews in the Baptist Church and horse sheds in the rear, will take place at the church, on Saturday, Dec 26, 1891, at one o'clock.

Heart Lake - O.C. Whitney contemplates going into the ice business on an extensive scale this winter.

Lanesboro - That splendid new Erie iron bridge will be completed about January 1. It will be a grand structure; heavy, wide, safe and handsome.

Brooklyn - O.M. Doloway, the veteran stove man of Susquehanna County, is selling more stoves this fall than ever before reason, he knows where to buy, pays cash, and gives his patron the benefit of the discount.

Lake View - Although skunks can impart a warm flavor, sometimes it appears that they can take one too, as F.S. Williams recently caught and killed three that were stealing his bees at night, by scratching at the entrance of the hive and catching the bees as they came out. It must have been a rather warm reception, for skunks, bees and owner.

North Jackson - As Eugene Larrabee, butcher, was serving his customers in this place, last week, his team of horses became unmanageable, and backed across the sidewalk, and went tumbling, horses, wagon, meat and all, into a lot below. It was a narrow escape, and but very little damage was done, although things were messed up considerably.

Susquehanna - Sunday morning, during the sermon in one of the churches in town, a little bareheaded girl, holding in each arm a very disreputable looking rag doll, walked partway down one of the aisles and, leaning against a pew, proceeded with evident interest to scan the congregation, preacher, and interior arrangements of the synagogue. Her singular appearance, it is needless to say, distracted attention from the sermon, but she calmly but firmly refused the kind invitation of the sexton to retire, until she had satisfied her curiosity, when she unconcernedly turned about, marched out again, and the people straightened out their countenances and again listened to the "preached word”

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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