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December 15 1893/1993

Susquehanna - The last panther known to have been killed in Pennsylvania was shot by Samuel Brush deceased, in 1836. It was in the Pennsylvania exhibit of the World's Fair, but many papers in mentioning the fact, locate Susquehanna in Montour Co.

Jackson - There are quite a number of lakes in this county and the Sterns Lake in Gibson, one mile from Gelatt, has quite a history. About 1820 Otis Sterns dammed up the outlet and used the water to run a gristmill in which he ground anything that his neighbors brought, without any bolt. As early as about 1836, the mill was abandoned and the building moved off to be used as a woodhouse. Some years after the water from the lake was kept in and let out when occasion demanded, to furnish the mill at that time, owned by the late Silas Steenback of Smiley. At one time an appliance was constructed in the ice to run a sled with a horse, by having the pole to swing around and a sled attached to the other end, and when the horse was made to go at a trot the person on the sled rode at a rapid rate. One young man, B.W. Dix, was thrown off and was badly bruised and was laid up a long time with a broken leg. The community some ten years ago was greatly shocked by the news that Fred Potter was drowned while bathing, he not being able to swim. The lake is a frequent resort in the summer for picnic parties and fishermen. It is a beautiful lake— one of the finest in the county.

Harford - Would it not be better to throw coal ashes somewhere else than in the road? Try riding through it with a fast horse and fine cutter. AND Are times dull? Are employers waiting to see which way the tariff cat will jump? Are you out of a job? Is your pocketbook empty? Well, become a farmer, and you will have enough to do every day, and be less affected by the times than any other business.

Springville - Anna Barnes Stephens has the largest assortment of Christmas goods that have ever been on exhibition at one time and in one place in Springville. Old and young can find appropriate gifts, for there are articles from 5 cts. up. Beautiful frosted relief figures 17 inches high at the remarkable price of 10 cts each. Everything else in proportion.

Gibson - Sam dark Avery gave the bell; Ed Pope, of Montrose, gave the chandelier Wick Pope gave the pulpit—all three for the new Church at Gelatt, Gibson, Pa.

Thompson - This town would increase faster if some of our moneymen would build more houses to rent.

Union Dale [Lyon St.] - Mr. Benjamin Lyons and Miss Effie McPherson, accompanied by Mr. Will Owens and Miss Jennie Thomas, took a train for another State Thanksgiving Eve. All parties returned shortly after and found themselves in a state of matrimony.

Ararat - The Ararat correspondent of the Susquehanna Transcript tells of the weather in the following fashion: The wind doth blow And is drifting the snow, But we know we can't control that; For Winter has come, In earnest it's begun Up here on the top of Ararat.

Lanesboro - David Lyons, of Lanesboro, a pioneer settler, is in his 90th year. He is healthy and remarkably well preserved.

Montrose - Do you want a Christmas present? Take a subscription in the Montrose Public Library, only $1.50 a year. Open Wednesday, 10-12., and Saturday 2-4 p.m., in Searle's building, 3rd story back. New books will arrive soon, among them The Prince of India by Lew Wallace.

Dundaff - Crystal and Newton lakes have put on their winter caps; both are completely frozen over.

Auburn - The sleigh bells have been making music.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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