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December 14 1906/2006

New Milford – Chas. H. Ainey has just received a car load of cutters. Anyone wanting a cutter can have their choice and be assured of fair dealing and reasonable prices.

Oakland – As you return from the diggings in the hills north of Red Rock and follow the river road toward Susquehanna, you will pass a great long house standing near the road -one- half nearly new and the other half old and dilapidated. It is on the McKune farm, about one mile from Oakland. This old part of the building is where the Mormon bible was compiled. An old printer, who assisted on the work, related to us how the copy was brought to the office every morning and together with every scrap of proof, taken away at night, Joe [Smith] was in an inspired condition as he claimed, although it was known that a bunch of old plates and manuscript from a New York state town was the foundation for his inspiration.

Springville – Walter Fish, one of our promising young men, has recently gone to Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Fish took a civil service examination about a year ago and the officials called for him to report at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where he holds a clerkship under the government. We are glad to learn of Walter’s good luck.

Uniondale – Mr. Steven Bronson has gone on another trip to Buffalo for live stock for his meat market. A carload of cattle lasts him only a short time. He butchers every day in the week and wholesales meat to dealers in Forest City and Carbondale. His grandson, Walter Thomas, of Carbondale, is staying with the family at present.

Flynn – Thomas Guiton has bought the W. S. Davis farm, in the Welch settlement; consideration, $5,000.

Dimock – Asa Cokeley has moved to the Woodhouse milk station, where he has a position hauling milk and cream from Elk Lake. AND The stone bridge near Henry Johnson’s, in the woods, needs some repairing by building or putting some protection on the side walls, which are nearly all gone, making it unsafe.

Lenoxville – It looks as though we might have a new grist mill, loads of corn have been unloaded in the old Clarkson house.

Bridgewater Twp – Jones’ Lake and Post’s Pond have been thronged with skaters the past week and the ice is of a glassy smoothness seldom surpassed, so the merry skaters are getting all kinds of enjoyment. The ice is about half a foot thick, and if the cold weather continues, will freeze the smile on the face of the ice man.

Forest City – In Susquehanna county’s coal mines, near Forest City the past year, have been employed 1,307 minors, according to the annual report of James Roderick, state superintendent of mining. Luzerne has the largest number, 60,734; Lackawanna next with 40,850 and Wayne county, 360.

Ararat – Sunday morning, Ruth Ferry, the 4 year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Ferry, was fatally burned while playing with fire in her home. Her parents had gone out to feed the poultry, leaving the child and a younger sister in the kitchen. The children evidently lighted slivers of kindling wood in the fire to watch them burn and accidentally the eldest child’s dress caught fire, enveloping her in flames. Dr. McNamara, of Thomson, attended the little sufferer, but death released her from the agonizing pain. A cousin of the child, Hattie Keenan, was burned to death in the same house while playing with a Jack-o-lantern about a year ago.

News Brief – Notice to Rural Patrons – On account of cold weather, will all patrons of rural routes buy stamps of the carrier and stamp all mail before putting in box, as carrier has to take off gloves to pick out pennies, and it is a great hardship. – Geo. C. Burns, P.M. AND Eleven football players killed and 104 injured during the season just closed. Just think what might have been the awful results if it hadn’t been for the cutting out of the mass plays.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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