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December 14 1894/1994

Jessup Twp - An old fashioned donation will be for the benefit of Fair Hill Church, Rev. G. L. Williams, pastor, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 13th at the house of Mrs. Z.A. Lindsey in West Bridgewater. Everybody invited to come and bring something the pastor can use, hay, oats or even money.

Auburn - E.D. Emmons has disposed of his horse Drake. How will you ever get along without it?

Friendsville - The ball on Thanksgiving was not a success, neither was the brawl on the street very edifying, also the bear hunt was a dismal failure. Five shots having been fired without effect, when bruin with an angry growl and paw uplifted turned upon his would be captor and drove him to his place of ambush.

Gunn Hill - J.E. Davis has bought a span of bay horses. J.E. you need them to take your produce to market; by the way Mr. D. is getting to be quite a truck farmer as well as a good Democrat.

Lenox - Monday W.C. Bennett left for Scranton, where he has obtained work on a streetcar.

Cameron Corners - Anyone wishing to buy ferrets will find them for sale at the Lenox Post office.

Springville - Anna Barnes, Stevens & Co., have a larger, handsomer and cheaper stock of holiday goods than ever be fore. A few of those solid silver stick pins left. Buy your $3 worth and procure one before they are gone. A nice dress pattern, muff or fur cape will make a good Christmas gift. Call and examine them. Discounts to all Sabbath Schools and others who buy in large quantities.

Hallstead - Hallstead’s new depot is said to be the finest on the road between Buffalo and New York.

Franklin Forks - The snow of the past week brought out the hunters and their hounds in numbers. You can hear the melodious baying of the hounds at all hours.

Clifford -One would judge as they enter our village from the South, that Santa Claus had just established his headquarters here. First, the grand display of robes, blankets, harnesses and whips and other goods in that line with the smiling face and person of O.E. Barney to wail upon you, then the store of E.E. Finn, is a perfect beauty of goods; also the display of lamps and toilet sets at C.S. Stevens. Call on the merchants and see for yourselves.

Jackson - Fred C. Clinton has returned from Cooperstown with a very fine Colt and that was presented to him by his aunty, Mrs. Roberts.

Susquehanna - The Susquehanna Transcript says that ex-Mayor Lannon, Postmaster Ryan and F. Zeller, had their skates on Thursday. AND The Susquehanna Journal feels it necessary to explain that they were enjoying a little exercise on the ice at Barnes Pond, Lanesboro.

Montrose - Montrose, like some other towns, seems cursed by the slot machines. You will find them in several business places in this town; in scores where your boys go, and there learn the first lessons in a gamblers life. In the good name of our law-abiding community, take every slot machine out of Montrose and thus save some young men from the fate of a gamblers life.

News Briefs: Almost a New York Daily. That Democratic wonder, the New York Weekly World has recently changed its weekly into a twice-a-week paper, and you, can now get the two papers a week for the same old price $1.00 a year. Think of it the news from New York right at your door fresh every three days, 104 papers a year. The Twice-a-week World and the Montrose Democrat, one year, at $2.25.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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