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December 12 1890/1990

Montrose - The handsomest sleigh we have had the pleasure of seeing has the two-seated surrey completed last week by the Tubular Steel Skid Company Montrose, for N.O. Martin of Lawton, Michigan, to whom it shipped on Thursday. It embraces the principles for which our townsman, L.B. Pickett, was granted latter’s patent, and it is certainly a model of beauty and elegance.

Dimock - George Walker, Esq., of Dimock, was calling upon in Montrose on Thursday. Mr. Walker's 93rd birthday occurs in February, and for one of his advanced age he is remarkably active. [The Walker family were the original owners of Woodbourne farm in Dimock].

Stevens Point- W.B. Stevens has a remarkably fine snow owl at his store. Cap says it beats the bird that a certain fellow stole a couple of years ago.

Harford - Several of our farmers are threshing oats with old time flails. With snow on the ground, the picture in the old almanacs has come to life again.

Susquehanna -The freight business of the Erie is enormous. They were on the switches and sidings in the Erie yard at Port Jervis, on Saturday, 900 freight cars; at Susquehanna 800, at Carbondale 800, at Deposit 300, and at Hawley 300. On the same day there were in transit over the Susquehanna Division, 400 freight cars and an equal number over Delaware Division. All the available freight crews including many of the able freight crews including many of the regular way freight were ordered out on extra trips Sunday.

Lynn - Turkeys are running wild. The latest thing out is turkeys being driven in droves, like cattle in the road, from South Montrose to Lynn.

Kingsley - Farmers are receiving 3-1/2 cents per quart, net, for milk delivered at this place.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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