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December 10 1891/1991

Jackson - The old church edifice, formerly owned by Bert Barnes, has been purchased and fitted for a Grange

Choconut Valley - Miss Sed. Winters has opened the school in the valley and about 10 pupils attend it.

South Montrose - Something new is a chair factory. Mr. A.S. Alien has recently started one in connection with his manufacturing business. He makes a handsome rocker, and calls attention to it in an advertisement today.

Montrose - W.C. Reynolds says he has sold a large number of pianos and organs here for Mr. J.W. Guernsey, of Scranton, since the new railroad has opened. The new road will make everybody prosperous and allow them to have a piano in every room. ~AND~ As we go to press, Wednesday, Dec 23, has been fixed upon as the date for the phonographic concert at the M.E. Church. Lyman H. Howe, of the Edison Phonograph Co., will be present to operate the instrument. Look out for this rare treat. The instrument to be used is Edison's latest, capable of reproducing all sounds so as to be distinctly heard by every person in a large audience.

Brandt - The chair manufactory, which was recently destroyed, will be rebuilt. A new company: the American Chair Manufacturing Company, was organized a few days ago, with the following officers W.J. Hand, George W. Phillips, A.W. Dickson, Charles Tropp, R. Kessler, H.W. Kessler. ~AND~ H.O. Peck, of Brandt, directors. A new site has been selected for the company's building near the die works and close to the railroad tracks. One hundred hands will be employed.

Hop Bottom - Our town is well supplied with street lamps, and we hope they will be attended to and regularly

New Milford- About 4 o'clock on Friday morning the mill building belonging to Samuel Vail, at New Milford, was destroyed by fire. It was a large frame building not far in the rear of the schoolhouse, and a few years ago was used as a grist and saw mill. The Grangers had their hall in the building and had held an entertainment there the evening previous. Their furniture and paraphernalia were destroyed. The origin of the fire is unknown.

Honesdale, Pa. - [From Wayne Independent] Hons. Otis Avery and John Torrey, both of this place, are probably the only persons living, who, on the day of her trail here, in 1829, rode on the Stourbridge Lion, the first locomotive ever run in America. They did not accompany Mr. Alien on his first trip up the road to Seeleyville, but on his return they took a ride on that wonderful engine. Both of these venerable gentlemen are octogenanans.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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