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December 02 1921/2021

Hopbottom – About 8 pm on Thursday evening, while Mrs. James S. Pedrick and her son, Carlton, of Bacontown, were driving along the Lackawanna Trail, between here and Nicholson, two men appeared from the bushes and demanded that they stop. Mrs. Pedrick, who was driving the car, stepped on the gas, however, and the car sped down the trail. In an attempt to enforce their demands, the bandits fired several shots after the fleeing machine. One bullet passed through the top and both rear tires were punctured After proceeding some little distance another car, driven by Dr. A. J. Taylor, of Hopbottom, was stopped and with Dr. Taylor’s assistance the  two flat tires were removed and they continued into Nicholson on the rims. Although the incident was immediately reported, no trace of the highwaymen has been found.

Montrose – The bowling alleys at Patrick’s new pool room will be opened on Saturday night. ALSO The interior of the Catholic church is being attractively re-decorated and, we are informed, a new pipe organ is soon to be installed. When this work is completed this will be one of the most handsome public buildings in this section. ALSO David Conklin and family have moved to the John Rutan house on Chenango street. This house was formerly the colored church.

Uniondale – Howard Johns is drawing hemlock bark from Elk Hill and loading it on cars here. It harkens back to the days of yore, as it is the first seen in many years. ALSO For the first time since May of this year water is running over the dam. The drought has been the longest known in the history of the town. Business was slow on account of the lack of sufficient water to run the millwheels.

Rushville – A Thanksgiving chicken-pie supper was served in the Pine Glen church on Thursday last, about eighty being present. Proceeds, $29.

Kingsley – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Carpenter, of this place, Saturday, Nov. 26th, a son—Archie Jack. Mrs. Carpenter’s mother, Mrs. H. J. Tingley, of Upper Lake, is with her. ALSO Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Ely, November 14th a daughter, Hazel Alberta.

West Lenox – Vincent McAloon and Alec. Hortman, who are attending the Montrose High School, spent the Thanksgiving vacation with their parents.

Forest Lake – The gentlemen’s dinner, which was served in Creamery hall on Thanksgiving day, was well attended although it was a very bad day. All report a nice time and that the dinner was fine.

Springville – Station Agent and Mrs. Kaufman are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter—Pauline Elizabeth—on Monday, November 21. ALSO Miss Marian Smith, a student in the teacher’s training class at the Scranton Oral school, spent Thanksgiving at the home of her father, E. T. Smith, at Maple Heights Farm.

Dimock – The medicine show that was here last week has gone to Fairdale. ALSO P. W. Williams’ now drives a fine covered wagon to meeting and the milk station. ALSO Katharine Warner received a postcard shower on her 97th birthday, Nov. 17th, for which she returns many thanks.

Mrs. Emily Payne, of Kentuck, attended the 90th birthday of her grandmother, Mary Jane Harding, recently.

Gelatt – Mrs. Alpha Howell, widow of the late C. V. Howell, had a shock on Friday. There are slight hopes for her recovery, as she is about 85 years of age.

Little Meadows – Mrs. A. Graves has gone to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Frutchey, in Elmira. ALSO Joseph Reardon and Dora Wakeman were married at the Catholic church on Thanksgiving day.

Gibson – Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Germon and son, Niles, have returned home after spending some time in Washington, D. C. They attended the Armistice day exercises at the Arlington National cemetery and visited the grave of the unknown soldier. They also saw the delegates attending the Disarmament Conference, now in session in Washington. On the way home they stopped at Baltimore and Philadelphia to visit their parents.

Friendsville – On Saturday afternoon last the Friendsville school house was the scene of a most interesting letter-writing contest and a pretty entertainment, in which the Golden, Donnelly and McManus schools, as well as the Friendsville school, took part. Mrs. Woolsey Carmalt had offered two gold pieces as prizes for the best letters written by seventh and eighth grade pupils—one prize for the boys and one for the girls—and teachers and pupils were equally enthusiastic. To determine the eligibility of the many pupils who presented themselves, a written spelling test of twenty-five words was given. All who passed the spelling test above 75% were admitted to the letter-writing contest. Prizes were carried off by Master Edward Golden of Friendsville, and Miss Veronica Lynch of the Golden school at Choconut.

Carbondale – The Carbondale Vulcanizing Works, J. A. Brink, Prop. advertises for sale Indian and Harley Davidson Motorcycles and also a full line of Standard Bicycles and parts.

Forest City – This is community inspection week at the Melhinch Shoe factory. The public has been extended a cordial invitation to visit the factory and see the various processes employed to manufacture shoes. Many have availed themselves of the invitation. The school children of Forest City, Vandling and Bowndale, numbering probably fifteen hundred, have visited the plant during the week and given it a thorough inspection in all departments. ALSO The First National Bank is excavating for an addition to go on the rear of their banking room and when completed it is expected that more room will be provided for the patrons and bank employees.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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