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August 9 1895/1995

Susquehanna – To the deep disgust of the entire community, the Erie shops on Tuesday returned to the old order of twenty four hours per week. For nine weeks they had been in operation on full time, except a Saturday half holiday. Prior to that the shops had been in operation for two years on the 24 hours per week plan. The “old reliable Erie” is evidently going to the “demnition bow-mows.”

Bridgewater – O.S. Keeler caught an eel at Jones Lake [Lake Montrose] on Wednesday, weighing 4 ½ pounds and measuring 38 ½ inches in length. Bostwick and “Mum” saw it and started a fishing in five minutes. S.M. Wilson, too, looked it over, and said that it was probably the one that bit hi m when he was in bathing a year or two ago.

Friendsville – Services are now held in the church of the Holy Spirit at the Lakeside, every Sunday at 3PM.

News Brief – Electric cars and bicycles are said to have reduced the consumption of oats, 100,000,000 bushels.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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