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August 7 1891/1991

Montrose - It is definitely settled that the L&M depot will occupy the site of the unoccupied Crocker building on Mill Street, nearly opposite the residence of Dr. W.L. Richardson. This brings business almost to the center of Montrose, only three squares from the Court House, just think of it. The L&M is surely determined to give the people of Susquehanna County every accommodation possible, and we know they will appreciate it.

Union Dale - Prospecting for coal will be resumed as soon as machinery can be procured for that purpose. The drill was broken in a former attempt.

Susquehanna - Several very fine bluestone quarries have been discovered and will be opened in this vicinity. This industry is now an important one, employing hundreds of workmen and the stone finds a market in nearly every state of the union.

Oakland Twp. - Mr. Hiram Leavitt, who resides in Oakland Township, about three miles from this place, while mowing in a meadow with a scythe a few days ago, aroused an enormous rattlesnake, which, after a hot battle, he succeeded in killing. The reptile was six feet in length and had six rattles. Some people may consider this a pretty big snake story and be inclined to doubt its truthfulness as regards the length of the reptile; but as his snake-ship was taken to a "print shop" and measurements taken by the editor of a newspaper, The Journal, skepticism would be this applied.

Great Bend - E.E. Tuttle, undertaker, has sold his building to N.O. Major, and has moved to the Chidester store. It is said Mr. Major is to remodel the building for a hotel.

News Brief - We have the promise that this year's harvest will be the greatest on records, and the bins will fairly burst with the golden grain. There is a feeling of uncertainty as to the ability of the railroads running from the great grain centers to the seaboard, to move the crop, but some of them are making ready by largely increasing the number of their cars. Short crops in Europe will widen the market and increase the demand. A good grain crop, with even lower prices, makes prosperous times, and with an abundance of fruit, as is the case this season, the health record is always the best.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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