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August 30 1895/1995

West Lenox - The descendants and relatives of John Brundage will hold their reunion the first Saturday in September at the residence of Joseph Brundage, in West Lenox, between Glenwood and Foster.

Springville - Springville has a lady bicycle rider. Miss Leda Terry. AND R.L. Blakeslee is building a pond whereon ice will be cut for the milk station.

Birchardville - Aug. 16 the Middletown nine crossed bats with the Birchardville nine, closing with a score of 17 to 57 in favor of Birchardville.

Herrick Centre - Little Raymon Howe, in attempting to jump on a moving train, slipped and was thrown under, crushing his thumb.

Glenwood - Mrs. P.H. Hunt has a hollyhock in her yard which has grown this year to the height of nine feet and eleven inches.

Brooklyn - A very pleasant day's visiting was enjoyed by a party of Brooklyn ladies at Lake Carey recently. They were Misses Eva and Harriet Lee, Lillian Chamberlain, Gertrude Waldie, Mesdames Lottie Ely, Alice Eldridge, Francis Case, Helen Eldridge, Cora Miller, Emma Shadduck and Emeline Sterling, who were members of the painting class taught by Miss Eva Lee in 1893, and who have met from time to time at tea parties given by several members. Yellow having been chosen as the class color, each lady wore a pretty yellow badge and also a ribbon of the same color around their sailor hats. Just before noon they arrived at the lake and at once began to unpack the good things and the dinner was enjoyed by all. After dinner the steamboat carried the company around the lake and still later the party was photographed as a group. Late in the afternoon the party started on the trip homeward, eating their supper on the way and arriving in Brooklyn just after 8 o'clock, all in good health and a happy frame of mind, as their songs and laughter proved, but entirely contrary to the solemn prophesies of some of the uninterested husbands and friends. The trip will be a pleasant recollection in the minds of all who enjoyed it.

Union Dale - The Fort Fisher Comedy Company, under the management of S.E. Thomas and W.L. Lockwood, was given in the town Hall on Thursday eve, Aug. 15th. Chas Tucker was actor and H.H. Carpenter bill poster. Receipts of the evening was $8.75, to apply on borough debt.

South Gibson - Girls set your caps. Charley has a fine colt and a nice field of buckwheat.

Hallstead - The Hallstead Fire Company have accepted an invitation to participate in the Firemen's parade at Scranton Sept. 24th, when the Franklin Steamer Company will be host. It is probable that the Hallstead Co's handsome apparatus will accompany "our boys" and that the music will be furnished by our Cornet Band.

Gibson - Seth Abel, one of Gibson's best farmers, says he will not have an ear of corn on three acres. The hoppers have destroyed it.

Susquehanna County- News Briefs: A woman who was pestered, as many people are, by other folks' chickens scratching up her flower bed and littering her yard, hit on a novel scheme for conveying a gentle hint to her neighbors. She lined a lot of small cards with strong thread to big kernels of corn, and wrote on the cards: "Please keep your chickens at home." The chickens ale the corn and carried the message to their owners in a fashion that was startling and effective. For a good many people the hardest part of learning to ride a bicycle is to get the bicycle. A young lady of Titusville has become, totally blind as a result of painting her eyelashes.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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