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August 29, 1890/1990

Montrose - This has been a lively week. No sooner had the Democrats left town than the old soldiers began coming in for the reunion of the 141st Regiment on Aug. 27th. In the evening the Montrose band led the way to the fair ground, where the campfire of the 141st took place, amidst the rows of snow-white tents and camp equipment. Numerous speeches were made and the sham battle took place yesterday afternoon.

Rush - The annual picnic and reunion of the Bolles family assembled in force, to the number of 60 to 70, in Butterfield's Grove. The day proved to be a pleasant one and a very enjoyable time was experienced. A brown shawl was left on the grounds by one of the party and was left with the postmaster, E. Granger, in Rush, by Mrs. Ruth Bolles. The loser can recover the same by proving property and taking it away.

South Gibson - No wonder our popular blacksmith, Charles Bennett, is smiling all over his face and putting up the cigars, who wouldn't? It's a ten-pound boy. He needs help in the shop.

Susquehanna - In most denominations there is a general feeling against consecrating a church on which there is a mortgage. A certain church, which had a debt on it, wishing to respect this feeling, recently had four-fifths of the building consecrated, leaving the remaining one-fifth to be consecrated when paid for.

Hickory Grove [Great Bend Twp.] - Mrs. H.W. Hallstead is having a new rubber roof put on her house.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: It is suggested that in every school district in the United States, Wednesday, October 1st, next, opportunity shall be given every man, woman and child to contribute half a dime each for the purpose of erecting a monument to Gen. U.S. Grant.

South Bridgewater - A haystack 100 feet long, and estimated to contain 64 tons of hay, may be on the farm of O.T. Spencer. Chas. Kenyon is the tenant.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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