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August 23 1912/2012

Laceyville/Oakland - Chief Fish Warden, L. M. Shoemaker, arrested two residents of Oakland, charging them with fishing on Sunday. One was Francis Murphy, son of J. W. Murphy, the Oakland hotel keeper. Young Murphy was not really fishing, but was preparing to do so. He had his bait pail and was out catching bait. Shoemaker spied him and in a few minutes had caught him. The other fisherman arrested was Frank Reynolds. This fisherman was caught with the goods, having been very successful landing several bass.

Dimock - The 38th annual session of the Dimock Grove Camp Meeting Association opened and closes Thursday evening, Aug. 29. The meetings are in charge of Rev. H. C. McDermott, district superintendent of the Wilkes-Barre District of Wyoming Conference of the M. E. church. ALSO A. B. Tuttle and D. V. Shaw are rebuilding the school house on the East Creek, which was burned last year.

Susquehanna - Attorney John Ferguson administered justice Tuesday evening in the old--fashioned way to a foreigner who tried to press his attention upon Mr. Ferguson’s wife. Mr. Ferguson came up at the opportune moment and landed with his right on the fellow’s jaw. The blow knocked his hat off and also put speed into his feet. Mr. Ferguson has the hat as a trophy.

Uniondale - Uniondale is said to be a dry town but it seemed to be quite the opposite around the lake section Saturday. ALSO: C. H. Carpenter is building a slaughter house on his farm. It will be 22 x 34 ft. when completed. Cearley has the reputation of being the neatest butcher that handles a steel in that section.

Hallstead - W. J. McLeod has a fine 200 acre farm and the products are somewhat varied—for the other day he caught a rattler measuring 3 ft, 3 in, taking it alive, and it was exhibited for several days at V. D. Hand’s store, where it attracted much attention. It was later killed by Mr. McLeod and an ounce of rattlesnake oil obtained, which is extremely valuable for rheumatism, stiffness of the joints, etc., and brings $2 per ounce.

Montrose - Happening to call at Felker’s bottling works the other day we found everything humming along merrily, “Felker’s famous soft drinks” being put up ready to be shipped to the many dealers who find them superior to other soft drinks on the market and buy them year after year. The equipment at Mr. Felker’s is thoroughly up--to--date; pure spring water is used and everything is in a neat and sanitary condition and this explains the large shipments of carbonated beverages, often seen in the freight stations, the shipping card denoting that it is a Montrose product—Felker’s. The Montrose bottling works is a local industry and deserves local support. If, when buying soft drinks one would ask for “Felker’s,” it would not only insure their getting satisfactory goods but would vastly assist in maintaining and increasing the sales.

Forest City - A house and contents, on Susquehanna street, owned by P. H. Flynn, of Herrick Center, were totally destroyed by fire at an early hour Tuesday morning. It was occupied by B. Spycholski and family who escaped with only their night clothing. The fire was caused by the explosion of a lamp. House and contents were insured. The fire companies responded to the call and by strenuous work prevented the spread of fire to nearby buildings. The explosion of a lamp in the same house, last winter, burned Mrs. Spycholski so seriously that her death resulted a few weeks later.

Lanesboro - George Lacey, a successful trapper of wild animals, tells a curious story of a pen coon that he had about 18 months ago and which he sold to Mr. Green, of Binghamton. Apparently the animal was pleased with his new surroundings, when he suddenly disappeared about two months ago. Mr. Green wrote to Mr. Lacey that his pet had escaped and the latter had almost forgotten it till he came down stairs the other morning and was greeted by his former pet.

Hop Bottom - C. H. Kellum has the finest touring car in town. Charles Jr. is already able to handle it very skillfully. One trip alone of about 600 miles was made this season without any accidents incident to automobiles.

Brooklyn - A camping party enjoyed an outing at the Pioneer Lodge, at Ely’s Lake, over Sunday.

West Jackson - The berry pickers’ social was held at E. A. Washburn’s, August 7th.

Harford - Our roads from this place to New Milford are being much improved. The State is footing the bill.

South Ararat - Mrs. Leona Barnes spent the fore part of the week dressmaking at Monroe Walker’s, on the West Side.

Lathrop Twp. - There was considerable excitement in this place last Monday over two boys that had run away from the poor farm in Montrose; the last seen of them was near the Hillsdale school house.

Great Bend - The firm of Williams & Beebe have dissolved partnership. Charles Williams has purchased Burt Beebe’s interest and will continue the business.

Clifford - Two of our most popular people were married on the 14th inst.—Miss Lena Hasbrouck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hasbrouck, of West Clifford and Prof. Glenn Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett, of this place. Professor Bennett fills the chair of mathematics and physics at Andover, Mass.

Glenwood - The hum of the steam thresher is now being heard through the Valley. ALSO: Quite a number from this place attended the Conrad reunion at the Northern Electric Park at Scranton, Saturday, the 17th.

Thompson - Ten cars of coal were derailed one--fourth mile north of Thompson, Saturday. Both tracks were blocked until early Sunday morning. The wreck was caused by a broken brake beam. ALSO: Thomas Walker, who has conducted a shoe store here for the pat 27 years, has retired from business. The stock of shoes were sold to A. E. Foster, of the Corner store.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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