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August 22 1890/1990

Brooklyn - Berry pickers are thicker than the berries. The apple crop is a failure but grapes will be plenty if we don't have too much dry weather.

Susquehanna - The Montrose Democrat says that, the Susquehanna Journal, which is loyal to the Republican party, etc., etc., is kindly informed that the Journal is loyal to whatever it believes to be the best interests of the people. It is neither owned or controlled by any political party.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: Persistence and constant application will tell. A woman in the southern part of the state has been expecting an epistle for 20 years and every night, rain or shine, she has gone to the post office to get that one letter. The other day President Harrison and Mr. Wanamaker got together and gave that woman the whole post office. AND The latest kink in life insurance is the bold-faced type announcement of an eastern company that "you can commit suicide under our policy."

Susquehanna County– A cyclone hit Susquehanna County with considerable damage on Thursday afternoon. In Bridgewater Twp. a barn belonging to Andrew Fancher was blown down; the barn occupied by O.W. Stone near Forest Lake, was struck by lightening and burned. The barns of Mr. Chapman, Mr. McConnell, and Mr. Gunn, this side of New Milford, were unroofed and some of Mr. McConnell's outbuildings demolished and haystacks, fences, etc., strewn in every direction. Near Summersville it lifted F.E. Cole's house and carried it into the road, perhaps 100 feet and demolished it. Mr. Cole and three daughters were in the house and received injuries. Not an apple tree or any tree was left standing. A carpet snatched out of the house by the wind was found a mile away. Mr. Richard Hall of New Milford lost a child, his oldest son is in critical condition, and his house, barns, outbuildings and crops are totally destroyed.

Jackson - Miss Minnie Benson and Mr. Harry E. Holmes were married at the Central House in Deposit, NY, last Wednesday afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Fisher. We extend our hearty congratulations.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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