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August 21 1891/1991

Susquehanna - The Cricket and Hancock [NY] ball clubs wrangled for supremacy at Beebe's Park last Monday. The Crickets, as usual, were victorious. Score 11 to 2. Editor White, of the Hancock Herald, witnessed the game and was disgusted with the result. He says the Crickets and an umpire can beat any club in America.

Auburn Corners- The picnic of the Patrons of Industry at Shannon Hill, last week, was a very pleasant affair. South Auburn, Jersey Hill and Shannon Hill, were well represented. A bounteous dinner was served by the ladies. Remarks were made by Revs. L.S. Squires, W.H. Stang and State Organizer A.E. Kelly. A drum and fife corps gave excellent music. One of the drummers, Joseph Benninger, drummed on the drum, which he has used for the past 56 years.

Herrick - Phillip Dunn had in his possession an old book which was printed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1770. It was at one time in possession of the late James Dunn, one of our early pioneers, and a native of Scotland. On the cover is a diploma for his skills as a master workman as carpenter and joiner.

Clifford - The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company are represented by a camp on Baker's Flat, in front of the Post Office. They give an entertainment nightly. We are informed they have made arrangements with a local band to assist them a part of the time.

Lynn - Aunt Sarah Lyman, the last representative of the old Lyman family, died this morning at 10 o'clock.

Montrose - A meeting will be held at the residence of Chas. Sayre, Lake Avenue, on Tuesday evening for the purpose of organizing a Village Improvement Society." All persons interested in this movement are urged to be present. Artist J.D. Smillie gave an entertainment on Tuesday for the benefit of this movement.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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